free clothes for kids

Children’s clothing can be surprisingly expensive. Since young kids tend to outgrow outfits with surprising speed, finding places that offer free clothes for kids can be a great move. If you need to know where to look, here are some options.


Freecycle is a classified ad platform specifically for items people are willing to give away for free. It can include a wide range of items, including children’s clothing.

At times, competition for items can be fierce. If you want to increase your odds of being chosen to receive the clothes, keep an eye on the site and respond to ads quickly. Many people use the first-come, first-serve approach to giving the items away, so speed works in your favor.

You also have the ability to place request ads. In those, you can outline what you’re trying to find and see if anyone responds that is willing to give you what you’re after. These ads aren’t guaranteed to produce results, but they can be worth trying.


Another option that is similar to Freecycle is the “Free” section of Craigslist. Some people may offer up children’s clothing at no cost on the popular classified ad site, so it’s definitely worth checking.

Community Clothing Swap

If you live in a neighborhood that’s home to a lot of families with children, coordinating a community clothing swap could help you get new outfits for your children for free. All participants bring kid’s clothing that’s in good condition that their children can no longer wear. Then, everyone can look through what other families contributed to the event, taking items that work for their kids.

To make a community clothing swap work, it’s best to invite families with children of many different ages. Additionally, provide ample notice about the clothing swap event, giving everyone enough time to find items they want to bring.

Facebook Groups

If you live in a larger city, look for local Facebook clothing trade or giveaway groups. Many of these function similarly to clothing swaps, while others operate more like Freecycle. In either case, they can be excellent resources, particularly if you’re open to trading for what you need or can also contribute free clothing that your kids have outgrown.

Consignment Shops

Another option that can work if you’re open to trading is a consignment shop. In some cases, consignment shops will give you the value of items you bring in as a credit, allowing you to make purchases up to that balance without having to spend any actual money.

This approach can be ideal if your children have outgrown some clothing and the apparel is in good condition. Many consignment shops won’t accept items that don’t have clear resale value, so keep that in mind as you decide what to bring in for trades.

Local Religious Organizations or Charities

If you qualify as a low-income household, you may be able to get free children’s clothing from a local religious organization or charity. Many non-profit organizations operate “closets” where people in need can get access to clothes, shoes, coats, and much more.

Every organization has its own rules regarding eligibility. As a result, you’ll want to reach out in advance to see if you qualify.

Can you think of anything else someone needs to know to find free clothes for kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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