So much of our money is spent getting other people to do things for us. This can eat away at our budgets, and perpetuate a glaring weakness in our lives. No matter what your experience is with tools, it is vitally important that you have them. With the internet serving as an all-powerful learning resource, there is no excuse to go without a decent toolbox. There are many different ways that this will improve your life, and your financial standing. TO help make those clear, I’m gonna list the highlights for you. So, without further adieu, this is why every adult should have a toolbox.

Home Repairs

Little things go wrong at the house all the time. Finicky light switches, broken toilets, clogged plumbing, and any number of other little things can bring $100+ bills with an electrician or plumber. Once you realize how little you really need, in the way of both tools and experience, you will be kicking yourself. A screwdriver and some pliers may be all you need for that light switch. A decent wrench set and some cheap replacement parts can fix most basic toilet issues, clogs being easily fixed with a metal snake. These are just a few of the many issues that can be solved with a decent toolbox. Home ownership is expensive enough, it doesn’t need to be made worse with costly repairs. The cost of tools will never compare to the bills you will receive down the road without them– trust me.

Automotive Maintenance

With homes, you can often wait until something goes wrong to break out your tools. Cars are much different, and this can be a good thing. You can keep some extremely major, and expensive, issues from arising with your vehicle by equipping yourself to deal with routine maintenance. Oil and fluid changes, brake service, and basic diagnostics are all cheap to accomplish, and easy to learn. As a result, you’ll be saving hundreds, potentially even thousands, of dollars a year on car issues. It also helps you avoid the headache of wondering when a mechanic is trying to upsell or scam you. Automotive mechanics, especially at big chain operations, are notorious for trying to make you spent far more than you should. That, along with labor costing around $80-120 per hour, is reason enough to learn a few things on your own.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

This may be the most important, as intangibles tend to be. It is hard to truly understand the peace of mind that comes with being equipped to handle these issues until you are. The feeling of knowing that if your car acts up, you know how to handle it. The feeling of knowing that when the roof leaks, it won’t be leaking for much longer. All of this contributes to an overall reduction in daily anxieties, and a major boost in your self-confidence. Not only does it make you less anxious, it makes you feel so accomplished to be able to point out all of the things you have fixed. Nothing quite compares to putting in some sweat equity, and getting a much-needed job well done.