Checking family medical history to save money

Knowing your family medical history is important. There’s a reason that doctors always ask for that information on those initial forms that you fill out. In fact, there are quite a few reasons. Most of those are related to providing you with the best medical care. However, checking family medical history to save money is also a good reason.

Do You Have An Accurate Family Medical History?

Many people don’t have an accurate family medical history. They know bits and pieces about certain family members. However, they might not even know about chronic conditions. This absence of information ranges from people in closed adoptions who are given very limited medical family history to people in close-knit families who simply have misinformation. It’s very common. However, it’s possible to collect an accurate family medical history. And checking family medical history to save money is just one reason to make this a priority.

Checking Family Medical History To Save Money on Testing

Danielle T. Leahy of UVM College of Medicine clearly explains one reason that checking family medical history to save money makes sense. Many patients come to their doctors with vague complaints. Similarly, people come in with a constellation of symptoms that might relate to any number of conditions.

With no family medical history, the doctor may have to run a lot of tests before figuring out what the problem is. However, with an accurate and complete family medical history, the doctor has a good idea of where to start. It may be easier to diagnose and then treat the patient as a result. The fewer tests, the lower your medical bills.

Accurate Medical History Helps With Prevention and Early Detection

If you know that your family is prone to certain conditions, then your doctors will know to keep an eye out for those things. As a result, you’re more likely to detect issues early on. The earlier you catch something, the easier it is to treat it. Moreover, it’s usually cheaper (and often less invasive) treating conditions in the early stages.

Furthermore, you may learn how to take active steps to entirely prevent developing those conditions. For example, a family history of diabetes might encourage you to be proactive about your diet and exercise. As a result of those affordable lifestyle changes, you may not develop the costly condition. So checking family medical history to save money works in large part because of prevention and early detection.

Impact of Family Medical History on Life Insurance Costs

Some people are concerned that revealing their full family medical history will raise their insurance premiums. That’s a valid concern. After all, your insurance rates are based upon many factors. Family medical history is indeed one of those factors. Specifically, life insurance companies factor this in.

However, you shouldn’t ever lie to your insurance company or omit that information. Instead, you should work with companies that are able to assist you in getting the best possible life insurance rates considering all of your health factors. So checking family medical history can help you to save money by assisting you in comparison shopping for the best insurance.

Do you know how to complete an accurate family medical history?

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