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Are you expecting to receive an annual Costco Rewards check? If so, are you starting to wonder where it is? If you haven’t received it, yet, then you certainly should receive it soon. After all, these checks go out each February. You might receive it via mail or via email. Alternatively, you can locate it online or via an app. This article provides all of the information that you need to access and redeem this reward money.

What Is a Costco Rewards Check?

When you sign up for a Citi Costco card, cash back rewards are among the benefits. In fact, it might be one of the main reasons that you like the Costco membership level you’ve chosen. These cash back rewards are called Costco Cash Rewards. You accrue them throughout the year. You receive different percentages back for different types of purchases. You can use the Citi website to check the amount of your rewards at any time throughout the year.

Costco Rewards Check Sent Annually

Many credit card rewards programs allow you to cash in your rewards at any time. However, not all credit cards are like that. The Costco Citi card is an example of a different model. With this card, you receive a Costco Rewards check once per year. These are sent out each February along with your credit card billing statement for the month.

Therefore, if you’ve already received your February 2022 credit card statement, then you should also have received your Costco Rewards check at the same time. It’s on the last page of your statement, so make sure that you don’t throw it away!

What If You Use Paperless Statements?

Many of us opt out of snail mail billing for a variety of different reasons. Therefore, you might instead use paperless billing. If so, then you still get your Costco Rewards check at the same time as your February bill. However, instead of receiving it in the mail, you receive it via email. 

Maybe you don’t check this type of email frequently. After all, if you’ve got your account on autopay, you might not see a reason to review it regularly. (You should, however, in case there are any errors.) If you’ve failed to get your annual rewards check, then you should check your email, including your spam folder, to see if it’s in there.

Note, the bill and the rewards check information are both sent to your email account. However, they are two separate emails. The rewards email should come to you on or within a few days of the date you receive your February bill statement.

What If You Can’t Find Your Costco Rewards Check?

Let’s say that you’ve checked your mail and your email, and yet, you can’t find the check. It’s already March, so you should have received it by now. Don’t fret. According to Costco customer service, you simply need to log on to your Citi account online. Then you can request a replacement check.

Access Your Rewards Via the App

CNBC reports that there’s one more way that you can receive your rewards. Log into the Citi app. As long as your February statement is complete, you can click “access certificate” on the app to see your rewards. If you haven’t downloaded the Citi app, you might find it useful. It’s a great way to access your account, check your rewards throughout the year, and redeem those rewards annually.

I Got My Check, How Do I Redeem It?

Once you’ve received your Costco rewards check, you are ready to use it. You can use it by shopping at Costco. Take the check to your local store to redeem it. If you don’t use all of it during that shopping trip, CNBC reports that you’ll receive the rest as cash back at the time of check-out.

If you prefer shopping at Costco online, then first head to a local store and use the check to purchase a Costco Shop Card. Then you can use that card for your online shopping. You can also use Costco Shop Cards to purchase gas at Costco gas stations.

Make sure that you redeem your rewards before December 31st of the issuing year. Otherwise they expire and you’ll no longer have access to them.

I Canceled My Account; Where Are My Rewards?

Unfortunately, if you cancel your Costco Citi card or Costco membership then you lose that year’s rewards. Therefore, if you want to cancel your account for any reason, then you should wait until you’ve received and redeemed your annual rewards. Since they are issued each February, you might want to keep you membership through March for that reason. After all, you’ve earned those rewards, so it is a waste of money to just lose out on them.

Are My Costco Executive Rewards Also Issued in February?

There are different plans available for Costco membership. As a result, there are different rewards. For example, perhaps you’ve upgraded to Executive Membership. If so, then you earn 2% cash back on your purchases, up to $1000 per year. This is entirely separate from your Citi Costco card rewards. Since they’re unrelated, they aren’t issued at the same time. 

Costco Executive Rewards are also issued annually. However, they’re issued in relation to your Costco membership renewal date. Whenever you signed up for your account determines your renewal date. Therefore, yours might renew in April and your neighbor’s might renew in June. You’ll receive your reward approximately 2-3 months before it’s time to renew your membership.

Keep an eye out for your Costco Executive Membership Renewal Statement around that time. In that statement, you’ll see your reward, which you can redeem on your next Costco shopping trip.

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