CVS Price Match Guarantee

Some stores offer price matching as a way to retain customers. The idea is that if you find a lower price on the exact same item at a different store, then the store with the guarantee will match that price. This means you always get the lowest price. However, not all stores offer this service. Moreover, those that do often have limitations. Here’s what you should know about the CVS Price Match Guarantee, along with other guarantees and policies at this popular pharmacy store.

What Is CVS?

You’re probably already familiar with CVS, especially if you’re seeking information about the CVS Price Match Guarantee. However, if you’re not, then briefly it’s a pharmacy store. It’s similar to Walgreens or Rite-Aid. People primarily go to these stores because of the pharmacy located there. They have a pharmacist on site and allow you to pick up prescription medications. Additionally, they have a big selection of over-the-counter medicine and health/ wellness products. Of course, they also carry other convenience store, beauty, and home items, too. Primarily, though, they’re a pharmacy store.

What Is Price Matching?

If you’re not familiar with price matching, here’s how it works:

  • A store offers a price match guarantee.
  • You comparison shop for the items that you’re going to buy by looking at their prices at several different stores.
  • If you find a lower price on an item at a store other than the one offering the guarantee, then you show it to the store offering the guarantee and they match that lower price.
  • You must make sure that the item is exactly the same in terms of not just brand but size, flavor, and other details.
  • Additionally, there are usually other restrictions and limitations. For example, some stores only offer price matching for other stores within a certain mile radius of their locations.

Price matching can be a terrific way to save money while shopping at a single location. However, you also sometimes spend a lot of time trying to get deals that amount to only cents on the dollar. So, there are pros and cons to price matching. Nevertheless, it’s always good to know what your options are for saving money as you shop.

What Is The CVS Price Match Guarantee?

Each store has different rules about price matching. So, what is the CVS price match guarantee? Well, unfortunately for people who really love price matching, they don’t offer one. At least that makes it simple to know what the CVS price match guarantee is … it’s that they don’t do it!

Why Isn’t There a CVS Price Match Guarantee?

Stores offer this guarantee in order to let their customers know that they always get the best price at that store. As a general rule, CVS tries to match the marketplace in terms of competitive rates. So, why wouldn’t they offer a CVS price match guarantee?

According to QuerySprout, CVS sometimes chooses to price their items at a slightly higher rate than that of their competitors. They are able to charge a premium because of two things:

  • Convenience of their store locations
  • Later store hours than many competitors

If you need to get medication or a last-minute item, then you might be willing to pay more for a store that’s nearby and open whenever you need it. Sure, if you can order something online at a cheaper price or go get it across town for much lower cost then you might do that. However, if you need the item right now, then you’re willing to pay a little bit more. Because this is one of the ways that CVS makes a profit, it doesn’t behoove them to offer price matching.

CVS May Still Have The Lowest Price on Certain Items

Just because they can charge that premium doesn’t mean that their items are overpriced. In fact, in many cases, their items might indeed have the lowest price compared to their competitors. It’s simply that they don’t guarantee that the price on every single item in the store is always lower than that of other stores.

Does CVS Match Its Own Prices?

Sometimes, when a store doesn’t offer price matching to other stores, they still offer same-company price matching. For example, a store that has both online and brick and mortar locations might guarantee to match their online price in the physical location. Another example is when a store offers to give you the lower price if you realize that an item you bought within the last week is now available for less at the same store.

Does CVS match its own prices in this way? Unfortunately, they do not. For example, if you order CVS items for delivery, they may cost more than if you but them in store. The store states right in their FAQ, “Prices of products available for delivery may not always match local store prices.”

What Guarantees Does CVS Offer?

All stores offer a variety of different guarantees whether or not they offer price matching. For example, one of the CVS guarantees is that as long as you have a receipt, you are guaranteed a full refund on an CVS/ pharmacy store brand items for any reason at all.

How to Save Money at CVS

If you’re trying to find out about the CVS price match guarantee, then it’s likely because you want to get the best price possible while shopping at this store. There are a few options at CVS:

Join The CVS ExtraCare Rewards Program.

This is a free CVS membership program that provides you with a variety of financial benefits.

First of all, you get 2% back on purchases, which you can then use to reduce the cost of future purchases.

Additional perks include $3 off for your birthday, special personalized deals via email and text, and weekly coupons.

Other Ways to Save Money at CVS

Of course, you should use all of the other smart savings tips that you know to save money when shopping at CVS. Make use of coupons, including coupon apps for prescription medications. Shop the sales. Buy in bulk when that’s appropriate for your family. Shop with a list so that you don’t give in to impulse spending. Comparison shop on items you buy most frequently and purchase them at another store if they’re consistently cheaper there. Smart shop and you can get low prices at CVS even without price matching.

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