2022 Walmart holiday schedule and hours
As the largest U.S. retailer, many people rely on Walmart for their basics and household goods. Since it’s the primary shopping spot for many people, it’s important to know on what holidays Walmart closes, and when the store is open. While there are 10 federal holidays throughout the year, these holidays aren’t universal to everyone in the U.S. They only legally apply to federal employees, so even on these holidays, many stores remain open. If you’re planning to head out to the store, here’s this year’s Walmart holiday schedule.

2022 Walmart Holiday Schedule

  • Saturday, January 1: Walmart is open on New Year’s Day
  • Monday, January 21: Walmart is open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Thursday, February 14: Walmart is open on Valentine’s Day
  • Monday, February 18: Walmart is open on Presidents’ Day
  • Sunday, March 17: Walmart is open on St. Patrick’s Day
  • Friday, April 19: Walmart is open on Good Friday
  • Saturday, April 20: Walmart is open on Easter Saturday
  • Sunday, April 21: Walmart is open on Easter Sunday
  • Monday, April 2: Walmart is open on Easter Monday
  • Sunday, May 12: Walmart is open on Mother’s Day
  • Monday, May 27: Walmart is open on Memorial Day
  • Sunday, June 16: Walmart is open on Father’s Day
  • Thursday, July 4: Walmart is open on Independence Day
  • Monday, September 2: Walmart is open on Labor Day
  • Tuesday, October 8: Walmart is open on Columbus Day
  • Thursday, October 31: Walmart is open on Halloween
  • Monday, November 11: Walmart is open on Veteran’s Day
  • Thursday, November 28: Walmart is open on Thanksgiving Day, but for limited hours
  • Friday, November 29: Walmart is open on Black Friday for extended hours
  • Tuesday, December 24: Walmart is open, but some stores may close early on Christmas Eve
  • Wednesday, December 25: Walmart is closed on Christmas Day
  • Tuesday, December 31: Walmart is open on New Year’s Eve
  • Wednesday, January 1: Walmart is open on New Year’s Day 2020

Walmart is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. There are some days when their stores open for limited hours (Thanksgiving) and extended hours (Black Friday), but they are open at least some part of the day for most of the year. Some Walmart stores may also have extended hours during the Christmas shopping season.

2022 Walmart Store Hours

Walmart doesn’t have a standard set of opening hours for all its stores. The time Walmart stores are open will vary from location to location. Some are open 24 hours a day, while others have different weekdays and weekend hours. The best way to find out the hours of a local Walmart store is to use the official Walmart store locator tool. This will give you the opening hours of each Walmart store.

The above information is general information regarding when Walmart stores will be open for business. A variety of incidents can cause exceptions to the above information. For example, specific stores may close due to damage to the store, and there can be closures due to severe weather as well. It’s always best to call and confirm with your store if you have any doubt about it being open or closed.

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