Shopping is an essential part of all our lives. Shopping at stores like Staples makes perfect sense when we are looking for the perfect office furniture, appliances, and supplies. I will say, such stores are often pricy. If you are like me, you may wonder how to take advantage of savings opportunities in such stores. While most stores typically offer up coupons and sales, but you can also take advantage of programs like Staples Price Match Guarantee.

What Is A Price Match Guarantee? 

Price matching should already be familiar to you. It’s when you find a product at one store then find a competitor’s ad featuring a lower price. You then present that ad at the store you are shopping in to get the lower price. The price match guarantee works the same. The only caveat is that not only will you get the price match, but they will also offer you an additional discount on top of the price reduction to make the deal even sweeter and earn your future business. Stapel’s offers a 10% discount with its match policy. 

Staple’s Price Match Guarantee

Staples has a simple price match guarantee. Before or while you are shopping, you can look up items from competitors. If you find a lesser price, you’re in luck. All you need is proof of the lower price at check out. Bring it up to the associate, and you’re guaranteed a 110% price match guarantee. If you already purchased the item and found it somewhere else cheaper later, you are also eligible for a price match as well. Just bring in a qualifying receipt and competing offer within 14 days of your purchase to get refunded the difference. You can show proof in-store or online to get your money back.

Who Are Staple’s Competitors?

You may be thinking, who does Staple’s price match? That’s a great question. Staple’s competitors include It also includes any other brick-and-mortar retail or online store that sells the same physical products under the same brand. This is a pretty liberal competitors list that includes virtually all stores from Costco to Xerox and in between. 

What Can And Cannot Be Matched 

Aside from who they match, you may have questions about what can and cannot be price matched. Their list of cannot match items is very short. It includes items sold at auction, EasyTechSM services, and items bought on special promotions. Wireless services and products can only be matched to physical store locations where the price, terms, conditions, plan, and provider are the same. Staple’s does not extend price matching services to wireless plans and services purchased online through their website. Everything else is fair game as long as the product, descriptions, and model number are matched and the product is being sold by an authorized U.S. retailer. If the price match includes special offerings and promos from the competitor, they will still accept it. You will only get the value for what you actually paid for the item, less the coupon or promo value, matched back.

Final Thoughts 

Staple’s has a very liberal list of competitors they match. Not only do they guarantee price matches on most items, they even sweeten the deal with a 10% discount. Even if you used coupons, sales, promos, or purchased it at an earlier date, you can still qualify for the match. 

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