This weekend and the two days following, we will have thousands of parties and millions of trick-or-treaters coming to our homes. This is a great time to spend with family and friends, and a wonderful time to see the excitement and joy on our children’s faces. Unfortunately, this time of year can come with a hefty price tag. All this fun, however, does not have to break the bank. Here are just a few pieces of solid Halloween saving advice.

saving advice for halloween

1. Thrift/Dollar Store

Instead of spending $50-$100 on costumes and decorations at a party store, buy those things at Goodwill or your local dollar store. You can pick up these items for a fraction of what you would spend at your local party store.

2. DIY

If you are feeling creative and have the ability to make things from scratch, why not create your own costumes and decorations. You can make a costume with a couple of pieces of clothing, some paint, and maybe some scissors. Think outside the box. Halloween Express has some additional DIY Recycled Halloween Costume ideas for kids to help save money.

For your decorations, some construction paper, some stencils, and some glue can go a long way. Maybe you can trace a spider on some construction paper, use some string to hang it from the ceiling, and use some of that string to make a web. A little time and creative thinking can create some great decorations.

3. Face paint

When getting dressed up or dressing up your kids for trick-or-treating, use face paint instead of masks. This is a cheaper alternative and is also safer for your child. Masks can reduce visibility and can also hinder breathing.

While on trick-or-treating, you should tie a glow stick to our son/daughter. This will keep them visible to nighttime drivers and they are inexpensive at your local dollar store.

4. Warehouse Clubs

These places are designed to sell bulk items. Instead of going to your local grocery store, go to Sam’s Club or a Costco nearby and buy your candy there. The bag itself usually costs more than a normal bag but will cost you less per piece of candy. (Find out how you can shop at Costco without a membership.)

5. Pumpkin

To save money on your pumpkin, buy it at a grocery store. They are usually less expensive here. Also, wait until the end of October to buy your pumpkin. Buying them too early will lead to spoiling before Halloween even gets here, and places that sell them usually have them on sale to get rid of their inventory. 

6. Pumpkin Carving

Most places where you buy your pumpkin will also have pumpkin carving kits for sale. These may only cost a few dollars, but you can carve your pumpkin just as easily with silverware at your home. A simple serrated knife and a spoon will do the trick.

7. Party

If you are hosting a Halloween party, make it a pot-luck. Have each person attending bring something for the party. This will help reduce the costs to you and will also make the attendee feel good by having contributed.

Wrapping This Up

Halloween is a fun time of year. Parties for the adults and trick-or-treat for the kids, everyone can have a good time. All the preparation, however, has associated costs. By using some of these tips, you can have fun this Halloween without breaking the bank.

Photo: Paul Albertella