PayPal Credit Merchants

PayPal has been around for a long time. Therefore, many people think they know all about it. However, the company constantly comes out with new products. If you haven’t checked out what they have to offer recently, then you might want to take a look. You could find yourself surprised. For example, are you familiar with PayPal Credit? It’s a great 0% interest credit option when you shop with PayPal Credit Merchants.

What Is PayPal Credit?

PayPal Credit is a proprietary credit card offered by the company./ It has a reusable credit line that’s built directly into your PayPal account. Synchrony Bank is the credit service provider for this card. So, simply apply for the card through the PayPal website. Once approved, use it like a regular credit card. So, why use this instead of your other credit cards? After all, you can link your PayPal account to any number of existing credit cards. Well, it’s because PayPal Credit offers some perks.

Perks of PayPal Credit

You can choose to pay for your purchases immediately. Alternatively, you can opt to pay over time. When you make a purchase of $99 or more at any of the PayPal Credit merchants, you immediately get 0% interest for six months. You do have to make minimum monthly payments. Moreover, if you don’t pay off that purchase in the six month period, the the interest backdates to the date of purchase. Note that the interest rate is high: currently nearly 24%. However, as long as you pay off your purchase in that period, you get the no-interest deal. And according to their own site, there are “millions of stores online” that are PayPal Credit Merchants.

Here are some other perks:

  • No annual fee
  • Use PayPal Credit to send money to others
  • Fraud protection
  • Purchase protection
  • Pay no return shipping fees on items purchased using PayPal Credit

Top 12 PayPal Credit Merchants

As aforementioned there are millions of stores online that accept PayPal Credit. If they accept PayPal as payment, then they’ll accept PayPal Credit. Your 0% for six months offer on purchases of $99+ works at all of them. However, there are definitely some top PayPal Credit Merchants that you’ll want to make note of. Here are the top dozen featured PayPal Credit Merchants:

1. Adidas

Do you love the Adidas brand? If you enjoy their shoes and athletic wear, then make a mental note to use your PayPal Credit card when shopping with them.

2. Apple

If you’re an Apple fan then you’re going to love this one. After all, most things that you buy through Apple probably cost over $99. Therefore, they’ll meet the criteria for the 0% interest option for six months. Those iPhones, iPads, Macs and more don’t come cheap. So this is one of those PayPal Credit Merchants that makes a lot of sense for using the card.

3. eBay

That’s right! You can buy practically anything on eBay. And they accept PayPal Credit.

4. Fanatics

Fanatics is a leader in providing jerseys and memorabilia to sports fans. If you’ve never shopped with them before, then check them out. In particular, their products make great gifts for the big sports lovers in your life.

5. Omaha Steaks

Obviously, Omaha Steaks is known for their meat. Therefore, if you need to make a big purchase for a party, then you might use them. Or you might just purchase from them to stock the freezer with dinner for months to come. However, did you know that they also offer all kinds of other stuff? In addition to red and white meats and seafood, Omaha Steaks sells soup, starters, side dishes, and wine. Plus they have terrific personal and business gifts. If you like to buy food for yourself and others, then this is one of the PayPal Credit Merchants to keep in mind.

6. Overstock

Most furniture, even at a discount, will cost more than $99. Therefore, it’s great to have an option to purchase furniture with a six mont zero interest period, right? Right. That’s where Overstock comes together with PayPal Credit to make your life easier. Of course, Overstock also has some other products as well.

7. Samsung

Maybe you’re more of a Samsung fan than an iPhone person. Or perhaps you shop at Apple as well as Samsung. Either way, if you’re a fan of this tech seller then you’ll be happy to know that their one of the PayPal Credit featured merchants.


Buying shoes online has never been easier than with Except that now you can use PayPal credit to make paying for them easier!

9. The Home Depot

People have been flocking to The Home Depot a lot since the pandemic started. People are adding to their homes, doing renovations, and keeping themselves busy with home projects. Even in “regular” times this is where a lot of people go for their home building needs. So arm yourself with your PayPal card and get shopping.

10. Tirebuyer

Did you know that there’s an entire online store dedicated to selling tires and wheels? (To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a difference between tires and wheels until I looked through their website.) They have all kinds of tires including those for trucks, trailers and lawn mowers. If a tire goes out, then you usually can’t wait to fix it. So it’s nice to know that you could buy it now and have six months to pay for it.

11. Vineyard Vines

Do you love the easy breezy fashion style of Martha’s Vineyard? If so then you might want to check out the clothing at Vineyard Vines. They sell clothing for men, women, and children.

12. Walgreens

Who doesn’t stop into Walgreens on a regular basis? Whether it’s for their pharmacy, their photo products, or just to pick up needed household items, it’s a regular stop on many of our errand days. And yes, that’s right, they accept PayPal Credit.

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