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Recently, Amazon increased the cost of Prime membership, moving from $12.99 to $14.99 per month and from $119 to $139 per year, depending on the plan. After the change, I’ve decided that Amazon raising fees means it’s time for me to cancel my subscription. Here’s why.

Giving Up My Subscription with Amazon Raising Fees

In the end, membership-style programs like Amazon Prime are all about cumulative value. You need to feel that you’re getting enough in exchange for what you pay to make it worthwhile. In my case, the fee increase makes that no longer true.

Ultimately, I don’t buy enough online to get real value out of Prime. Membership-based free shipping isn’t critical to me since I’m not making that many purchases anyway. Plus, even if Amazon has a lower price on an item I want, I can still potentially qualify for free shipping if the total of my cart is high enough and the products are eligible.

Similarly, I don’t use Amazon Audible, Prime Video, Prime Reading, or Prime Music as a main source of entertainment. I also don’t use Amazon grocery, so free deliveries aren’t relevant to me either.

Since the value isn’t there for me, Amazon raising fees was essentially a line in the sand. I decided to cancel.

Should You Cancel Your Subscription with Amazon Raising Fees?

Whether Amazon raising fees matters to you will likely depend on how much you use the various perks that come with membership. If being able to order small items whenever you want without having to pay shipping is important, then it could be worthwhile to you. Similarly, if you enjoy the content on Prime Video or the other services, that could give you enough value.

When it comes down to it, the decision is a personal one. Consider which services you use on Amazon and how often you tap into them. That way, you can figure out if you’re getting enough from the program. If so, then keep your membership. If not, consider canceling.

Remember, you can cancel now and sign up again later. So, if you have any doubts, you could always try ending your membership and then, if you really need it, restart it once you know it’s right for you.

With Amazon raising fees, are you rethinking your subscription? If so, why are you deciding to leave? If not, what’s prompting you to stay and pay the higher price? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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