Best Side Hustles in Georgia

Many people in Georgia wish they had a bit more money in their bank account each month. Luckily, by choosing the right side hustle, you can increase your income without the commitment of a traditional full- or part-time job. You’ll be able to earn extra cash when it’s convenient, allowing you to maintain flexibility while helping your budget. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here is a look at the five best side hustles in Georgia.

1. Be a Television or Movie Extra

While many people associated California with the film and television industry, it is big business in Georgia too. The Atlanta area is a popular destination for movies and shows, creating opportunities for anyone interested in making a little cash as an extra. However, there can also be shoots in rural communities or other cities, particularly those with unique looks like Savannah.

How much you earn can vary dramatically. In some cases, the rates are outlined in the casting call. In others, it is addressed in your work contract. However, it isn’t uncommon to get paid for a full day, even if you’re only on set for part of it. Just keep in mind that you may have to arrive very early in the morning and might spend a lot of time waiting around. But if that happens, you’ll still get paid for your time.

When it comes to finding these gigs, there are several approaches. You may find listings on traditional job boards or online classifieds, for example. Additionally, there are companies that focus on this kind of casting. The Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office has a collection of resources that you can check if you aren’t sure where to begin.

2. Help Med Students Learn as a Standardized Patient

If you like the idea of having an acting-type side gig but aren’t ready for film or television, consider signing up as a standardized patient. You’ll be given a medical history, symptoms list, and other details. Then, med students practice taking histories to learn how to communicate with patients and discover diagnoses.

With this gig, it’s crucial to follow the instructions given. You’re assuming the role of a specific kind of patient, so don’t inject any medical details that aren’t listed as part of the equation. That way, you can help the medical professionals of tomorrow improve their skills correctly.

Standardized patients typically earn an hourly rate for their time, the exact amount of which can vary. Opportunities are available at a number of colleges in Georgia with medical schools, including Morehouse, Augusta, and others.

3. Exercise Area Pets as a Dog Walker

If you live near one of the bigger cities in Georgia and are looking for a mid-day gig, consider becoming a dog walker. Many professionals are happy to hire someone who can exercise their pet and give them a bathroom break while they’re working or focused on other home-based tasks.

In some cases, you can amp this side hustle up by walking multiple dogs at once. Usually, you’ll earn a set rate per walk per dog, so if you can wrangle a few at the same time, your effective hourly rate can be quite high.

As a bonus, this side hustle is a great way to get a bit of exercise during your day. Just make sure that you’re comfortable assuming the role of pooper scooper, as cleaning up after the dogs during your walks is essential.

4. Make Extra Money with Your Car

If you have a vehicle that’s in good condition, you can leverage it to launch a side hustle. Signing up for Uber or Lyft is the most obvious option, allowing you to bring in some extra cash by getting riders to their destination. If you live near a city – especially an airport – and have some schedule flexibility, you could focus on surge times to make the most of your time on the road.

For anyone that would prefer to avoid riders, signing up with a delivery service could be a better fit. Postmates, Grubhub, and many other options allow you to earn cash without having to pick up passengers.

Finally, if you want to make money from your vehicle but want it to be more passive, you could try a service like Turo. They are essentially Airbnb-style arrangements for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Someone rents out your vehicle for a specific amount of time, and you get paid for allowing them to drive it. You can set your own rates and schedule, and do get some protection from the company, so it’s worth exploring if you have a vehicle just sitting in your driveway.

In any of these cases, you may need to update your auto insurance. Many insurers require policy changes if you use your vehicle for some of these endeavors. If you don’t make the changes, you might not have all of the coverage you need.

5. Charge Scooters in Your City

If you live in a city with rentable electric scooters, you may be able to earn a pretty penny by gathering them up and recharging them. Companies like Lime hire locals to handle the task, and there usually isn’t a set schedule involved. Instead, you head out to find scooters that need charging when it’s convenient.

For companies that use the contractor model, you usually earn a set amount based on how long it’s been since a scooter last had a charge. You’ll follow a map in the app to find the scooter, pick it up, take it home to charge it, and then set it back at a main hub when you’re done.

Usually, there are two times when scooters will show up on the map. First, when a scooter has a low battery, it will ping. Second, essentially all of the scooters will display at night, encouraging the contractors to get them ready for the next day.

Can you think of any other gig that should be on a best side hustles in Georgia list? Have you tried any of the side hustles above and want to let others know about your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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