If you have been following my journey with The Motley Fool stock advisor review, you know that I reported some pretty sizable returns last month. In fact, I was at about 49% annual return and counting by taking The Motley Fool stock advisor’s advice. However, things have changed more recently. As the stock market changes in preparation for a new president of the United States, my previous investments haven’t been fairing as well overall.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review: Down a Bit

That’s not to say I’ve been losing money. Not at all. In fact, I am still up more than $1,600 in total. The return is less than it was a month ago though, by nearly 10%.

the motley fool stock advisor review

At the time of my last update, I was at 49.81% annual return. While I have lost some of that, I am still ahead overall by $1,694.47. It should also be noted that by the end of the trading day my return was closer to 45%. If you are interested in higher returns, your stock picks may have differed from mine slightly. No matter what, you should still research each stock and its market history before putting any money into it.

Will I Change My Investments?

It is important to note that if you are interested in using The Motley Fool stock advisor service that you should be willing to make regular changes to your portfolio. Although many of these stocks have been suggested in previous weeks, the picks are always changing. For example, today some of the top picks included Coupa Software, Amazon, and Disney. These three have never been mentioned in picks in the past.

the motley fool stock advisor review

There are a few others mentioned here as well that haven’t been listed before. Because there has been such a change, I will be changing my investments slightly. I decided to get rid of Square and ASML Holdings, which are no longer among The Motley Fool’s stock advisor suggestions. I will replace these two investments with shares of Fiverr International and Disney. Here is a look at my portfolio now…

the motley fool stock advisor review

Other investors may have decided to hold onto ASML Holidays and Square because they have been top performers in my portfolio since investing in them. My thinking here, however, is to test The Motley Fool stock advisor’s picks specifically. Because they are no longer mentioned in the top picks for today, they are going to be removed from my portfolio, for now. It will be interesting to see how Fiverr and Disney both perform in comparison.


I believe I will continue to stick with my overall conclusion of The Motley Fool stock advisor in that it is a good tool for novice investors, like myself. If you are considering getting into the stock market and are unsure of how to pick stocks according to your financial goals, The Motley Fool’s service can really be of assistance.

However, if you are a more seasoned investor looking for stock advice, you likely don’t need a picking service. Instead, you would be looking for a financial or investment advisor to help guide your portfolio. In some cases, investors work directly with stockbrokers.

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