stock advisor returns

The stock market has been extremely hectic over the past few months. There is no doubt about that. I haven’t been checking in on my investing portfolio simulator during all of the ups and downs because, generally speaking, it is best to let your investments sit for a while. However, I wanted to take a look and see how my Motley Fool stock advisor returns were performing. Here’s a look.

My Stock Advisor Returns

I was pretty shocked to see that many of my investments on the Investopedia simulator showed positive returns, despite the volatile trading environment we are in currently. The only investment I’ve lost money on is Zoom. Since buying my shares of Zoom, the stock has gone down about $20 per share. Again, given how the market has been, that’s really not that bad.

stock advisor returns

How The Motley Fool Suggestions Have Changed

There isn’t much about The Motley Fool suggestions that have changed over the past few months. As it was before, many of the stocks they are suggesting people invest in are tech-focused. This continues to be true. Pinterest has been taken off their suggestion list for now though. It has been replaced by company names like Lululemon and Lemonade, Inc.

stock advisor returns

Airbnb and Old Dominion Freight Line are two new additions to the stock suggestions as well. Many of the other stocks listed have been previously suggested by The Motley Fool though.

stock advisor returns

Another thing that did not change is the stock advising pros are still suggesting people invest in Zoom. This is likely because people are continuing to work from home or remote workspaces. So, Zoom is going to continue to be a necessity for many employees to collaborate with their coworkers for the foreseeable future.

Will I Change My Investments?

Given what The Motley Fool’s services have taught me so far and their current suggestions, I’m not going to be making any changes to my investment simulator for now. Although they are not currently suggesting Pinterest, it has been a top performer for me from the beginning.

I’m also going to keep my Disney stock. As mentioned in my previous update, that is just a stock I’ve always wanted to own and it has historically performed well. It has done my portfolio some good too.

My other two investments, Fiverr and Zoom, are both tech-related stocks. Although they haven’t given my portfolio much right now (or even have lost me some money), I’m going to stick it out with these two and see how they fare. I think Fiverr will continue to do well with the rising gig economy and Zoom has continued to be recommended by The Motley Fool.

All of that being said, my stock advisor returns are still in the black for the year. I’m up 2% overall with some of my investments (I’m looking at you, Pinterest) earning more than 50% in returns thus far.

Readers, have any of you tried a stock advising service? What was your experience?

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