Subreddits Where You Can Get Free Stuff

Whether you’re dealing with a tight budget or simply appreciate a bargain, finding ways to get free stuff can be a boon. Luckily, there are a lot of places to turn. If you’re a fan of Reddit, heading to the right subreddits could help you get your hands on plenty of freebies. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are nine subreddits where you can get free stuff.

9 Subreddits Where You Can Get Free Stuff

1. r/freebies

If you want to find out about free stuff, r/freebies could be the subreddit for you. There are hundreds of thousands of members, giving you access to tons of information about free items and how to get them. Plus, the moderators are incredibly active, decreasing members’ exposure to spam.

2. r/FREE

At r/FREE, you can find a mix of freebie deals. Digital items are commonly listed, usually in the form of codes for free eBooks, video games, or similar items. Plus, members can post things they are personally giving away, including anything from event tickets to clothing to furniture and more.

In some cases, members will also offer their services for free. For example, someone may be willing to develop a website for someone without charging as a means of building their portfolio.

Additionally, giveaways and sweepstakes may make their way into the subreddit. With those, make sure you read the rules before signing up. Not only may there only be a limited number of winners but there could be other conditions, including accepting terms related to how the sweepstakes or giveaway operation can use your personal information after you provide it.

3. r/eFreebies

In the r/eFreebies subreddit, it’s all about digital freebies. That can include eBooks, video games, computer software, and other kinds of digital-oriented content.

4. r/FreeEBOOKS

If you’re an avid reader, r/FreeEBOOKS might be your perfect subreddit. You’ll find information about free eBooks on essentially every topic and covering every genre. As a result, the odds are good that you’ll find at least a few posts that pique your interest.

5. r/FreeGamesOnSteam

If you use Steam for your computer gaming needs, r/FreeGamesOnSteam is a must-see subreddit. There, you’ll find posts showcasing video games that are available on Steam for free. Additionally, members occasionally post Steam codes that members can use to get more free games.

6. r/giveaways

r/giveaways features a combination of giveaways and sweepstakes, usually with randomly selected winners. While you may not get a lot of free items, it can be a fun way to scoop up some products, digital codes, or similar things here and there.

Do make sure that you read the giveaway or sweepstakes rules carefully before handing over any personal information. Along with potential scams, you may increase your odds of spam or unwelcomed solicitations. Don’t sign up for anything unless you are certain it is legitimate and are completely comfortable with what may follow.

7. r/RandomKindness

While r/RandomKindess isn’t explicitly about free stuff, many people do give away items through this subreddit. The primary purpose of the subreddit is to connect people who have a specific need with people who can provide help, and that can occasionally involve the sending of free stuff.

8. r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

At r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon, people can send gifts based on what’s on a person’s Amazon Wishlist. Again, the main purpose isn’t free stuff, and there isn’t a guarantee anyone will buy what you’re after. However, it does have the potential, especially since some members host giveaways fairly regularly, creating more opportunities to get an item from your Wishlist for free.

9. r/RandomActsOfPetFood

If you’re struggling to get enough pet food to care for an animal companion, r/RandomActsOfPetFood could be worth exploring. It’s a community where people try to make sure that no pet goes hungry by connecting those in need with members who can offer assistance.

In some cases, you’ll also spot giveaways or contests here. With those, you could have a chance to win a particular item, so they can be worth exploring.

Before You Start Going After Free Stuff on Reddit

If you want to take advantage of a particular subreddit to get free stuff, don’t just hop in and start asking for items or making posts. Instead, take the time to read the subreddit’s rules carefully.

Every subreddit can set its own conduct standards and requirements. If you don’t follow the rules, you may get banned from participating in that particular subreddit. So, make sure you get to know the rules before you take any other actions. That way, you can follow them precisely.

Do you know of any other amazing subreddits where you can get free stuff? Have you used any of the subreddits above to get free stuff? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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