Stock Market Black Friday Hours 2021

You probably already know that the stock market closes on Thanksgiving Day. However, Thanksgiving is a Thursday? Does the stock market reopen the next day? If so, what are the stock market Black Friday hours?  You’ll find out all that you need to know for trading on Black Friday in 2021 below.

The Stock Market Closes Thanksgiving Day

Just to confirm, the stock market does honor Thanksgiving. It’s a federal holiday, also called a bank holiday. The market will not be open at all on Thursday, November 25, 2021. This is one of several federal holidays throughout the year when the stock market closes. The next closure, of course, will come at Christmastime.

Is The Stock Market Open on Black Friday?

Very few federal holidays fall on weekdays. However, obviously, Thanksgiving is a Thursday. Therefore, the following day is a weekday. Is the stock market open on that day? Yes, the stock market does re-open on the Friday following Thanksgiving? However, they do not keep full trading hours.

Stock Market Black Friday Hours

So, if the stock market isn’t open normal trading hours, then what are the stock market Black Friday hours? The stock market will open at the normal time on Friday, November 26, 2021. Regular trading hours for both NYSE and NASDAQ begin at 9:30 am ET. Therefore, if you’re itching to get to trading on Black Friday, you can plan on starting then.

However, the stock market Black Friday hours are shorter than normal trading hours. There are only a few days throughout the year when the stock market has what they call half-days. Black Friday, or the day after, Thanksgiving, is one of those half-days. Therefore, the stock market closes at 1 pm on Black Friday.

Do note that NYSE mentions that the closure time is actually “1:15 p.m. for eligible options.” So, if you’re a serious trader, you might have options that allow you to trade for that extra fifteen minutes. However, generally speaking, the stock market Black Friday hours are 9:30 am – 1 pm ET.

Bond Market Black Friday Hours

The US Stock Markets and Bond Markets keep similar hours and holidays. However, they aren’t exactly the same. For example, the bond market will also close for Thanksgiving. Additionally, they also close early on Black Friday. However,  their early closure time is 2 pm. Therefore, you can trade for an extra hour on the bond market after the stock markets close on Black Friday.

When Do Normal Stock Market Hours Resume?

Technically, things are back to normal on Saturday. Of course, that means the stock market is closed. They’re closed over the weekends. So, in terms of normal trading times, the stock market is back to usual on the Monday following Thanksgiving. You can plan on early trading, normal trading, and late trading hours all getting back to usual on Monday, November 29, 2021.

International Stock Markets 

Most people who are interested in the stock market Black Friday hours are concerned about NYSE and NASDAQ trading. The information in this post applies to those common American markets. However, if you trade in other markets around the world, then your answer is different. After all, remember that Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Other countries aren’t celebrating this holiday. It’s just a regular Friday throughout the rest of the world. Therefore, those other markets likely have just regular Thursday and Friday hours this week.

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