save money on gas

Gas prices keep on pumping up year by year. That means it’s worthwhile to go over the numerous little ways you can adjust your driving habits to save money on gas. One of the easiest is to simply slow down when driving on the highway. While it is easy to say that, a bit of an explanation may put a better perspective on how much you can save by driving a bit slower.

Save Money on Gas

More than 50 percent of the energy needed to move your car on the highway is spent overcoming air that is in the way of your car. This is referred to as “aerodynamic drag” and it basically means that your biggest energy enemy on the highway is the air outside.

While the air may not seem like a big issue to a car, the fact is that the faster you drive, the more wind drag you have. The result is that a car’s fuel economy decreases rapidly at speeds over 60 mph. In fact, for every 5 mph increase in speed over 60 mph, you are paying the equivalent of an additional $0.10 per gallon for gas.

One of the biggest problems people have in slowing down is that driving fast has become a habit. That means you need to do something to break the habit. If you know that you drive faster than 60 mph on the highway, write “60 mph” on a bright piece of paper. Stick it on your dashboard so that you are bound to see it when driving. You can use any other sign that will remind you to slow down until you break your current fast driving habit. If you can succeed in slowing down and relaxing a bit while driving on the highway, it will save you at least $50 a year. This depends on how fast and far you normally drive.