saving time is saving money

While some people might enjoy a bit of downtime on occasion, the idea of wasting time is something I abhor. In the end, saving time does far more for me than just ensuring I remain productive. Often, it actually saves me money and since maintaining my finances is a top priority for me, I value efficiency. That’s why I embraced a strategy that focuses on saving time. Here’s what works for me.

How I Avoid Wasting Time

When I wanted to figure out how to get the most out of my day, I didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, I went looking for an approach that I could use as a framework, giving me solid direction while letting me make adjustments to align the strategy with my priorities.

In the end, the Rapid Planning Method (RPM) by Tony Robbins is what resonated with me. With that approach, you define what is important to you and use that as a target outcome. You also focus on why it’s important to you, giving it additional purpose. After that, it’s all about developing a plan and taking action.

The reason you go in that order is to help you really understand what you want and why it matters. It serves as a source of motivation. Plus, it gives you a defined target when you begin planning, making it easier to identify approaches and choices that align with meaningful goals.

RPM helps me save time because it prevents procrastination. Plus, creating an actionable plan is a critical part of the equation. I’m not flying by the seat of my pants, hoping something will work. I create a strategy for success, allowing me to remain focused and purpose-driven while reducing my odds of making missteps or falling behind schedule.

How Saving Time Saves Me Money

While it may not seem like the strategy outlined can help you save money, it actually can make a difference. One of the main ways is ensuring I don’t have to pay higher costs by waiting until the last minute.

For example, each Christmas, my target outcome is to get my nearest and dearest something nice. The purpose is to bring joy into their lives while providing them with an item they’ll value.

When it comes to action, I create a long-term plan that actually starts in January. I begin looking for great deals on the gifts I want to pick up throughout the year. Since I’m remaining vigilant, I can take advantage of sales as they occur. I’m not paying whatever the cost is for the item right before the holiday. Instead, by not shopping last minute, I usually save a bundle.

However, that’s just one example. By using a solid strategy, it’s possible to find chances to save in many other areas. Plus, I remain efficient personally and professionally, allowing me to capitalize on opportunities as they arise with greater ease.

Do you feel that saving time saves you money? Do you have any tips that can help someone become more efficient, either personally or professionally? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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