Why Fall Is a Thrifty Season

Obviously, you can find ways to save money during any month of the year. However, the autumn months are particularly rich with opportunities to live frugally. As a result, if you need to reset your finances, then now is a great time to do so. Here are five of the top reasons why fall is a thrifty season.

1. It’s a Great Time To Be Outdoors

The number one reason why fall is a thrifty season: the weather. Of course, it depends upon where you live. However, in many places, autumn presents the best opportunities for spending time outdoors. Many outdoor activities are entirely free. Others are very inexpensive. As a result, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for entertainment. You can simply step outside your door and take advantage of all that your local area has to offer. 

Frugal outdoor fall activities include:

  • Walking, hiking, and biking on local trails
  • Enjoying and collecting the changing colors of leaves
  • Local football games and tailgate parties
  • Picnics in the park, especially on weekend afternoons
  • Picking apples and pumpkins at local farms

2. Reduce your Energy Bill in Fall

Another reason why fall is a thrifty season that also relates to the weather is the fact that you can easily reduce your energy bill during the autumn months. If you ran your air conditioner most of the summer, the cooler temperatures will allow you to turn that off now. Open the windows to let the fresh breeze in during the day. Layer up with sweaters and blankets in the evenings. Without running AC or the heater, you can significantly reduce your autumn energy bill.

3. Crafty Decor Is In Style

Halloween and Thanksgiving are the two major holidays during fall. Both of these lend themselves well to DIY decor. In fact, Halloween practically begs for it. You can easily celebrate these holidays without spending a lot of money. There are lots of simple crafts that you can do to create costumes, decorate the house, make a party theme on a budget, etc.

Or, stick to just seasonal decor. Fill the house with small pumpkins and other gourds. Go outside to pick colorful leaves and then fill decorative bowls with them. Pinecones are another great seasonal decoration for this time of year. Make your house feel autumnal without spending much money at all.

4. Seasonal Foods Save You Money

Excellent affordable seasonal food is another reason why fall is a thrifty season. Sure, at the very end of the season, you might spend a bit on Thanksgiving meals. (Or maybe you’ll find a way to do that frugally as well.) But for the rest of the season, you can spend very little on groceries by embracing seasonal local foods. Root vegetables are great for stews. Apples and pumpkins are terrific in both savory and sweet dishes. Get creative with the most affordable produce throughout the fall.

5. Schools Offer Free Activities

Kids are back in school. Therefore, they’re busy all day long. Most likely, they’re also busy with homework. Additionally, schools offer a lot of opportunities for kids and their families to stay busy with free and cheap activities. After-school activities and clubs are good starting points. Holiday class parties may also be an option.

Additionally, check your local colleges for free and cheap activities. For example, they often have art shows, film screenings, poetry readings, and comedy shows. These are often open to the community. 

What are your favorite reasons why fall is a thrifty season?

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