Looking for a new side hustle? I got something interesting for you. Have you ever heard of a line sitter? Me either, but you learn something new every day. When the ticket lines or venue lines are long, you can take advantage of others’ impatience and make money taking their turn in line. If this piques your interest, here are some pros and cons of being a line sitter.

What Is A Line Sitter 

A line sitter is a person who will wait in line for you. Want some hot concert tickets, new shoes, or the newest game system to drop, but do not want to camp out overnight. A line sitter takes care of the job by standing in line or holding their client’s place, so they are free to do other things while you wait.

Pros of Being A Line Sitter 

The biggest perk of the job is the pay. Line sitters make anywhere between $25-$30 per hour. The longer you wait, the more you get paid. There are some opportunities to sell your services while you wait in line as well. If you’re going to be out there for a long time, you may as well chat up your linemates. Make general conversation or tell them all about your line sitting service. You could drum up even more business for yourself. Lastly, you could be making someone’s day by offering to take on a small inconvenience so they do not have to.

Cons of Being A Line Sitter 

The biggest con of being a line sitter is giving up your time. Sure the money is good, but sometimes the line and wait are long. If you’re not camping out or have nothing to sit on, you are likely standing on your feet for hours at a time. Talk about being sore at the end of the day. Alongside that, it can be boring. If you’re going to do this job, make sure you have some food and entertainment at the ready. 

Being a line sitter sounds interesting to me, how about you? 

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