National Hair Day 2021

Happy National Hair Day 2021! That’s right, there’s a day for that. October 1st is that day. There are so many different things that we could talk about when it comes to hair, right? But since you’re here to learn about saving money, that’s obviously what we’re going to focus on most. How can you take good care of your hair without spending a lot of money?

What Is National Hair Day 2021?

Before we dig in, let’s find out what this day is all about. According to Salonist by Shrivra, the first National Hair Day was in 2017. A licensed hair company named NuMe created this day. In some ways, the intention was to honor stylists and the products that help keep hair healthy. But let’s face it; it’s also a day for selling hair products and services. National Hair Day 2021 is the fourth anniversary of the holiday. It seems to still be going strong in the industry.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. First of all, there’s a day for everything, right? And second, it’s good to think about your hair care. You likely put products on your hair every day of the week. Are they right for you? Are they right for your bank account? These are good things to think about on National Hair Day 2021, even if that’s a slight tangent of the original intention for this day.

Everyone’s Hair Needs Are Unique 

Everyone’s hair is different. We each benefit from different products, different schedules of care, etc. Therefore, there’s no one size fits all rule about what healthy hair care means for you. Personally, I have really easy hair. And I don’t like to do much to it. So, I’ve been cutting my own hair for over a decade with no problems. I use shampoo and conditioner that works for me. And that’s about it. I’m lucky that way – partially in that I have decent hair that’s easy to manage, partially because I don’t care about fancy products and hair styles.

Oh, and I dye my hair from a box. People have strong opinions on this. I’ve been doing it since I was 18. That’s more than 20 years. The few times I’ve done salon dye, I hated the experience. So, this is what’s right for me.

My sister, on the other hand, doesn’t have it so easy. She would love to be able to just treat her hair like I treat mine. However, she has super thick curly hair. If she doesn’t do anything to treat it, it gets a look and feel she doesn’t like. And if she tries to cut it herself, it’s a mess. Heck, if she doesn’t find a hairstylist who understands the nature of her curly hair, it’s a mess. So healthy hair care means something different for her than it does for me. On the other hand, she has zero interest in ever dyeing her hair. So, that part of hair care isn’t even a factor for her.

What Does Good Healthy Hair Care Mean For You?

What I’m trying to get at here is that National Hair Day 2021 is a good time to think about what healthy, affordable hair care even means for you. Because, it’s easy for me to tell you that you can save money on hair care by cutting it yourself. However, if that doesn’t align with what’s right for you then that’s a useless tip, right? So ask yourself:

  • How often and through what process is hair cutting right for me? 
  • Do I color my hair and what does healthy hair color mean for me?
  • How important is it for me to use hair services such as braiding, mask treatments, etc?
  • What types of hair products do I use and why? What does it mean to me when I think about making these healthy?

In other words, think about every single aspect of your hair care. Ask yourself how and why you’re doing it? Maybe right now you buy cheap hair products that are harmful to the environment. However, you’d rather treat your hair and the environment better by getting eco-friendly products. We want you to save money on hair care. However, we also want you to think about your ethics.

National Hair Day 2021 is a great time to do this audit. In fact, you might want to mark your calendar and revisit these questions every year on October 1st.

Are You Investing In Your Hair For The Right Reasons?

In today’s world of Instagram and Zoom, it’s easy to get obsessed with having the “perfect” hair. It’s all too easy to get swept up in trends when it comes to styles, cuts, colors, and products. If this is something that gives you great joy in life, that’s one thing. However, if you’re spending too much time and money on your hair simply because you feel the pressure to keep it a certain one for the camera … you might want to get honest with yourself about that. One of the easiest ways to save money on hair care is to reduce what you’re doing just to look good for other people. Do what’s right for your hair!

Ways To Save Money on Hair Care

With all of that in mind, now it’s time to take a look at your hair care budget. Yes, you should have one. If it’s not a section of your existing budget, then it’s time to do an audit. Add it to the budget. If you recognize what you spend on hair care monthly, and you incorporate that into your spending plan, then you’re going to be better off financially.

Next, ask yourself if there are any areas of hair care spending where you can cut back. Some will be obvious now that you’ve thought deeply about your hair care. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular waist save money on hair care:

  • DIY as much of your hair care as possible. This could mean cutting your own hair. However, it might also mean making your own eco-friendly hair products at home.
  • Reduce the time between visits to the hairstylist. If you go four times per year instead of six, you save a nice chunk of money.
  • Do some comparison shopping to find a hair salon you love that might be a big cheaper than where you’ve been going. Bustle recommends trying less-experienced stylists and even beauty salon schools for a good price.
  • Ask around in your network for people who do hair. Find out if you can barter for services with someone you trust.
  • Speaking of your network, Naturally Curly suggests doing a hair product swap. They also suggest buying in bulk.
  • Find a simple signature style that really works for you. Skip the trends.
  • Stick to a hair care schedule. It’s easy to impulsively head to the salon just because you need a pick me up.
  • Shop around to find the lowest prices on the products you use regularly. Then make sure to take advantage of all sales, coupons, and other deals when they’re available.
  • Speaking of products, make sure you’re using the right amount. Many of us use far more than we need. I know I’m guilty of pumping out a handful of conditioner every day instead of the “dime size” recommended.

What is the most expensive part of your hair care routine?

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