Is The Stock Market Open on Veteran's Day

Veteran’s Day is a really interesting holiday in terms of what’s open and closed on this day. It is a federal holiday, also known as a bank holiday. Most government services, banking institutions, etc. close on federal holidays. That said, federal holidays are often set on Mondays to allow for a three-day weekend. This makes those closures easier. This isn’t the case with Veteran’s Day, which always falls on November 11th, regardless of the day of the week that is. And closures are a little bit different. So, for example, is the stock market open on Veteran’s Day?

Guide to Federal Holidays

Federal holidays are days of the year that the federal government has established as special days. At some point in history, a president declared that this day was something special enough for the entire government to recognize it. In recent history, there have been ten federal holidays per year. For example, Easter and Christmas are federal holidays. In 2021, the president declared a new federal holiday: Juneteenth. Therefore, we now have eleven federal holidays in the United States.

As aforementioned, these are sometimes called bank holidays. That’s shorthand for saying that institutions like banks typically close in recognition of these holidays. Other places that typically close are post offices, professional offices (doctors and lawyers), government offices including courts, the post office, etc. Obviously, we still need emergency services so hospitals, fire departments, etc. do not close for federal holidays.

All that said, when a federal holiday comes up, you might find yourself still asking what’s open and what’s closed. First of all, even though most institutions close for most holidays, they don’t close for all of them. Second, there are other types of businesses, such as retail stores, that close for a few of these holidays but not for most of them. So, it’s no surprise if you find yourself asking “is the stock market open on Veteran’s Day 2021?”

What and When Is Veteran’s Day?

Towards the end of World War I, the fighting countries signed an armistice. They agreed to stop fighting for a period of time. Although it took many more months for the war to officially end, this day marked the effective end of the war. Therefore, the following year, in 1919, the president wanted to recognize the importance of that day. So he named November 11, 1919 Armistice Day in recognition of those who had served in WWI.

Then, WWII happened. And of course we’ve had other wars since then as well. After WWII, Armistice Day was renamed Veteran’s Day. The point, obviously, is to recognize the veterans who have served our country in all of these different wars. Although Veteran’s Day now honors all veterans, the government has retained the date of November 11th as the official celebratory date.

Veteran’s Day 2021 is on a Weekday This Year

November 11, 2021 is a Thursday. If if were on a Sunday, for example, then we wouldn’t even have to ask, “is the stock market open on Veteran’s Day?” Because, after all, the stock market closes on Sundays. However, since it’s a Thursday, and yet is also a federal holiday, we do need to ask.

Is The Stock Market Open on Veteran’s Day 2021?

Interestingly, the stock market doesn’t close for Veteran’s Day. The stock market recognizes nine federal holidays. Veteran’s Day is not one of them. So, the most recent holiday for which the stock market closed was Labor Day back in September. And the next one for which it will close is Thanksgiving later this month. But as for Veteran’s Day, the stock market will proceed as normal.

Therefore, yes, the stock market is open on Veteran’s Day 2021.

Stock Market Hours on Veteran’s Day

Both NYSE and NASDAQ will keep normal hours on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2021. Generally speaking, in America, this means that the stock market os open from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Notably, however, there are early trading hours as well as late trading hours each day. If you’re ready invested in the stock market to the point where you’re asking if it will be open on Veteran’s Day, then you probably already know whether or not these hours apply to your interest in the stock market.

Do remember that there are dozens of stock markets around the world. When we talk about stock markets here on Saving Advice, we’re typically talks about NYSE and NASDAQ. These are the two primary stock exchanges American investors use. They’re also well-known around the world. With that in mind, if you invest in other markets, then you will need to check with them to discover whether or not they’re also open on Veteran’s Day. Keep in mind that Veteran’s Day is an American federal holiday. Therefore, there would be no reason for stock exchanges in other countries to close in recognition of it. That’s especially true considering the American stock exchanges don’t close for Veteran’s Day.

Are The Bond Markets Open on Veteran’s Day?

If you’re investing, then you might not just be interested in stock markets but also in bond markets. People often talk about both markets as though they’re the same thing. However, they have key differences. And, interestingly enough, their Veteran’s Day schedule is one of those differences. 

Their holiday schedules have a lot of similarities, but they aren’t exactly the same. For example, AARP reports that the stock exchange closes for Good Friday whereas the bond markets remain open. In contrast, the stock markets stay open on Veteran’s Day but the bond markets actually close. So no, the bond markets will not be open on Veteran’s Day 2021. They re-open as normal on Friday, November 12, 2021.

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