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This year, President’s Day falls on Monday, February 21, 2022. Since Mondays are traditional days where trading stocks is allowed, you may be wondering, “Is the stock market open on President’s Day 2022?” After all, the stock markets aren’t required to close for federal holidays but can if they choose. Since that’s the case, many people aren’t sure which holidays the stock markets are operating. If you’re curious, here’s what you need to know for this President’s Day.

Is the Stock Market Closed on President’s Day 2022?

Yes, the U.S. stock market is closed on President’s Day. Both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ use the same holiday schedules, and each of them closes to observe the holiday.

If you need a trade to complete by President’s Day, you’ll actually need it to wrap up by 4:00 pm EST on Friday, February 18, 2022, before the trading day ends unless you use a platform that supports after-hours trading. If you’re in the latter group, you could trade up until 8:00 pm EST on that Friday.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the markets reopen on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. At that point, all regular activities will resume.

Is the Bond Market Closed on President’s Day 2022?

Yes, the bond market is also closed on President’s Day. While it doesn’t follow the exact same schedule as the NYSE and NASDAQ, this is a holiday where all of the markets are closed at the same time.

Are International Stock Markets Closed on President’s Day 2022?

Generally speaking, international stock markets are not closed on President’s Day 2022. President’s Day is a holiday in the United States, but it’s not in other countries. As a result, international stock markets won’t shut down to observe it.

However, that doesn’t mean an international market can’t coincidentally close on President’s Day. Many other nations celebrate holidays in February, so cross-over can happen. However, it isn’t necessarily common.

If you’re trading in an international market and want to handle some transactions on President’s Day, you may want to confirm the corresponding market’s holiday schedule in advance. That way, you can make sure it’s operating.

U.S. Stock Market 2022 Holiday Schedule

Knowing the U.S. stock market holiday schedule is beneficial for all traders. It lets you know when you need to wrap up transactions if you want them to complete before a holiday, as well as anticipate when holiday closures might create unique opportunities.

As mentioned above, both of the major U.S. stock markets – the NYSE and the NASDAQ – follow the same schedule when it comes to holiday closures. In many ways, this is ideal, as it lets you know that all trading is halted on those days, regardless of the market you want to use.

Here is an overview of the U.S. stock market 2022 holiday schedule:

  • New Year’s Day – Friday, December 31, 2021 (Observed)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Monday, January 17, 2022
  • President’s Day – Monday, February 21, 2022
  • Good Friday – Friday, April 15, 2022
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 30, 2022
  • Juneteenth – Monday, June 20, 2022 (Observed)
  • Independence Day – Monday, July 4, 2022
  • Labor Day – Monday, September 5, 2022
  • Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 24, 2022
  • Christmas Day – Monday, December 26, 2022 (Observed)

There’s also typically an early closure on the day after Thanksgiving. On that Friday, the markets will close at 1:00 pm EDT.

It’s important to note that three holiday closures in 2022 don’t actually fall on the holiday itself. Typically, if a holiday falls on a Saturday, it’s observed on the proceeding Friday. If the holiday is on a Sunday, it’s observed on the following Monday.

The reason for observed holidays is to ensure that there is the same number of closures every year, creating a level of consistency. Plus, it lets organizations give employees a day off for each holiday, just as they typically would.

U.S. Bond Market 2022 Holiday Schedule

With the bond market, there are some deviations from the schedule above. For example, it shutdowns on Columbus Day and Veterans Day, even though the stock markets don’t. Also, there are early closures on the Friday before Independence Day, the Thursday before Easter, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.

Otherwise, it’s essentially the same in 2022. As a result, it’s normally safe to assume that if the stock market is closed, the bond market is, too. Just remember that the bond market may close one day the stock market is open, so check the operating schedule around any holiday to confirm operating hours before planning any transactions.

Do you wish the stock market was open on federal holidays, or does it not bother you that you can’t trade on specific days every year? Do you plan your trades ahead of the holiday to ensure they clear before the markets close, or is that not something you worry about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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