As Christmas approaches, and letters and packages need to get out, people begin to wonder if the post office is open on Christmas Eve. Most people realize the post office is closed on Christmas Day, but aren’t quite as sure about Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas.

Is the Post Office Open on Christmas Eve?

Yes, the post office is open on Christmas Eve. The post office is open on Thursday, December 24. Some post office locations might have limited hours the day before Christmas, but for the most part will be open. Note that it will be too late to mail anything in time for Christmas though.

Is the Post Office Open on Christmas Day?

No, the post office isn’t open on Christmas Day. Christmas Day is an official federal holiday. The post office is not open Friday, December 25, 2020. There will be no mail delivery and post office locations will not be open.

Is the Post Office Open the Day After Christmas?

Yes, the post office is open the day after Christmas. The post office will resume its typical weekend hours on Saturday, December 26. The day after Christmas is typically a normal operating day for the USPS with post offices open and delivering mail to both your home and office during their regular hours. However, keep in mind, not all branches hold Saturday hours.

Postal Services Available on Christmas

While post office branches may not have postal workers available to help you on Christmas Day, you can still perform some basic postal services on your own. For example, most post offices have a drop box for depositing letters and packages. You can leave them, but there is still no service until the next business day. More and more post offices are installing package postage weighing machines which allow you to calculate the cost of postage for your mail on your own. They may also allow you to purchase postage.

Post offices with PO Box areas are usually accessible even when the post office retail area is not open. Availability is dependent on your local office and its services. If you aren’t sure which services are still available, contact your local post office to find out.

Other Mailing Options During the Holidays

If you need to send something urgently, the USPS isn’t the only game in town for sending out letters and packages. Below are the holiday schedules for Federal Express (FedEx) and the United Parcel Service (UPS).

Is UPS Open on Christmas Eve?

Yes, the United Parcel Service is open on Christmas Eve. The company will deliver ground, air, and international shipments as normal, but will only pick up the air and international shipments (no ground shipments). UPS is closed on Christmas Day though, so be sure you plan accordingly.

Is FedEx Open on Christmas Eve?

Yes, Federal Express is open on Christmas Eve, but some offices may be open limited hours, and most of their office locations will close by 6 p.m. Contact your local FedEx office location to confirm their hours. FedEx is closed on Christmas Day, except for their FedEx Custom Critical service which will be open. Call to find out what your options are.

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