The celebration of Veteran’s Day has unfortunately become irrevocably tied to the American public being inundated with advertisements for discounts and sales on consumer goods. Veteran’s Day is supposed to be a particularly good time of year to buy a car, furniture, electronics, and other goods because stores usually mark down their goods, offering deep discounts, to make room for next year’s inventory. It is what it is. However, some retailers may be closed or have revised operating hours in observance of Veteran’s Day. So, is Target open on Veteran’s Day?

Yes, Target is open on Veteran’s Day. And it is worth noting that Target is open during regular shopping hours on every federal holiday except Christmas Day.

But if you’re only wondering “Is Target open on Veteran’s day?” I have some tips on how to shop at Target more efficiently and save more money.

But while we are talking about the subject of Veteran’s Day, let’s discuss the federal holiday’s origins.

It’s fine to shop on Veteran’s Day. It’s a commonplace American practice.

However, every American should understand what Veteran’s Day is really about. So, here are some facts about Veteran’s Day every American should know.

Veteran’s Day 101

Veteran’s Day is a federal holiday that is observed every November 11th.

And the origins of Veteran’s Day go all the way back to 1919. World War I ended on November 11, 1918. The first anniversary of the end of World War I, November 18, 1919, was called “Armistice Day.”

The American congress ratified Armistice Day as the annual official observance in 1926. But it wasn’t until 1938 that Armistice Day became an official federal holiday.

In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower enacted legislation that officially changed the name of Armistice Day to Veteran’s Day.

President Eisenhower wanted the name change to reflect the fact that every American who served in the military currently or in the past, whether in war or peacetime, should see their service honored with a national holiday observance.

Now that we understand Veteran’s Day better and answered the question of whether “Is Target open on Veteran’s Day?” here are some shopping secrets to help you save more money at Target.

Check Out the Markdown Tags

Instead of asking “Is Target open on Veteran’s Day?” you should be asking yourself “Do I pay enough attention to the Target markdown tags?”

If you look close enough, you will see that Target has a markdown percentage system when it comes to its price tags.

If you look at the lower left-hand corner of the red price tag, you will see the original price of the item. And then on the upper right-hand corner of the price tag, you will see the percentage by which the product has been marked down.

Keep in mind that the markdown percentage will not feature the “%” sign symbol.

Also, pay attention to the prices on the markdown tags too. If the price ends at $0.04, then that means that the product has been already marked down several times already. What you see is probably going to be the product’s final price.

If the Target price tag ends in a $0.06 or $0.08 price mark, then it may be marked down a few times in the future. Watch out for sales featuring such products in the future.

Target Has a Tiered Percentage and Clearance Markdown System

We previously mentioned that the Target price tag percentage system demarcating how much a product has been marked down is located in the upper right-hand part of the tag.

So, the Target price tag system does not feature any percentage symbol like “%.” So, a 60% price markdown on a Target price tag will look like ’60, for example.

When it comes to clearance sales, the price tag may have a red or yellow sticker. And the tiered clearance sale system for percentages is as follows:

  • 15% off
  • 30% off
  • 50% off
  • 70% off

Remember that there may not be a “%” symbol visible, so the clearance sticker may say ’30 which means 30% off.

With the exception of special sales, holiday seasons, and inventory sales, you may not find deeper discounts than 70%. However, if the product is 15% off, then the product could be marked down significantly in the coming days and weeks.

Wait a Week to Shop After Major Holiday Sales

After you buy what you really need for major seasons, wait a week for discounts to buy more.

Wait a week to shop for goods after Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Back-to-School, and various Summer sales.

After major holiday sales, Target stores need to move out inventory quickly. You will find sales for 70% to up to 90% during a few critical sales periods. Target needs to move that inventory for fresh supplies.

Strategically wait a few days or a week and the store will be practically giving away some items.

Is Target Open on Veteran’s Day 2021?

Yes, Target is open on Veteran’s Day every year.

However, your focus should be on figuring out how to save as much money as possible whenever you shop.

And take a moment this year to show appreciation to every military officer who has defended the United States this year as well.

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