Is your closet getting a little cramped? At a certain point, you just find yourself glancing into the cotton abyss and there are many things you haven’t worn in months. This becomes especially frustrating when you want to buy new clothes, but you just don’t have the space to store them. Even worse, when you have to move and you realize that boxes actually… cost MONEY? No, this just won’t do. So, we find ourselves needing to offload some clothes, and what kind of savers would we be if we didn’t find a few ways to turn old clothes into cash?


One of the best apps for selling anything, OfferUp provides a clean and simple interface to sell your personal belongings. while not specifically geared for clothes, it is one of the most widely used online resources on this list. The best part about OfferUp is that you probably already have the app on your phone. Putting up an ad is easy, quick, and the analytics are very consumable. Definitely the way to go if you are just trying to get rid of one or two higher-priced items.


Now we are into the clothing-focused secondhand apps. Poshmark is a favorite among most of the secondhand sellers I know, as you get to personalize your own online storefront. Not only this, but they make the shipping process super easy. After a purchase is made by a customer, you are sent a prepaid shipping label and you send it off. You can use Poshmark for all varieties of clothing (even menswear) and you’ll get plenty of attention. Poshmark is the perfect upfront fee-less option for somebody who is really trying to empty their closet. One major downside, though, is the 20% cut they take if you do sell something. As a result, it is usually a better idea to post higher-end items here as well.


As far as online consignment goes, thredUP is an absolute titan. With thredUP, you can post items for sale, recycling, or even donation. They are the quickest way to get rid of all your clothes, and the process is very simple. You pay your two-dollar fee, receive your bag and prepaid shipping label, and send your clothes off to them. Just like that, you’ve freed up all the closet space you need. After about a month, you will find out exactly how much money thredUP will give you for the ability to resell your clothes. They won’t always be willing to sell everything you send, and you can pay $11 to take back those unwanted items, or just allow them to recycle them for you for free. So, if your primary goal is to get rid of a lot of clothes, and you don’t mind only taking in a bit of cash, thredUP is your play. With that said, keep in mind they only accept menswear as donations.