There are endless possibilities when it comes to collecting. You have cars, wine, figurines, cards, and so much more. I recently started collecting Funko Pop figurines. I would say over the last two weeks, I have amassed at least 20 more Pops to add to my collection. Crazy, yes! Costly, not really. While many collectors don’t mind spending a pretty penny on the figurines or collectibles they want, I’m a bargain collector. Is it for you? If you’re spending too much on collecting your items, follow along for some tips on how to save on collectibles.

Never Pay Full Price 

I understand that in some types of collections, you have to pay top dollar to obtain what you want, but that does not go for everyone. I’m not interested in paying full price for anything. The number one thing that I do is make sure I only shop Funko Pops that are on sale. I got over 15 at Barnes and Noble when I saw they were 75% off. Most of the Pops I got were around $3, while a few were $5. I even got two vaulted pops to add to my collection. Another great spot for purchasing Pops and other collectible figurines or cards is Amazon and Walmart. Filter your searches from low to high to see what deals they have. 

Check Value Before Checking Out

Another thing that I do is make sure I check the value of the item(s) before I even put them in my cart. I have the Funko price guide app downloaded to my phone. I pull up the scanner on the app and scan the Pops that I’m interested in while in-store. They’re already on sale, so what I’m looking for is a higher value figurine for a lower price. Anything going over $20 online is good enough for me.

That’s a little harder to do with cards as most of them come in blind packs, but if you’re shopping at a flea market or a garage sale, you should always have a guide handy where you can check those cards and see what they’re worth as your shop. If you can not find a price guide for your collectibles, you can always resort to eBay or Google to look up your items.

Budget Setting 

Another great tip to save on collectibles is to always set a proper budget for your spending. If you have a budget, add a line item in for collectibles. If you don’t have a budget, keep in mind a specific dollar amount that you do not want to go over. For me, it’s $50 a month. This allows me to add to my collection without hurting my pocketbook. It also helps me establish a healthy boundary between collecting and obsession, which I need.

What are you collecting and how are you saving on your purchases? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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