When it comes time to buy a gift, spend some extra cash, or use a gift card, getting the best deal is imperative. Nobody wants to overspend, and making sure you get the best value is almost part of the holiday fun. Deal hunters everywhere are always looking for ways to save money on the newest tech or land an awesome price on something they need. Lucky for them, Best Buy has made it easier than ever to “shop around” by price matching local retailers, including their online prices. To figure out how this works, here are some of the guidelines on how to price match at Best Buy during the holidays.

What is eligible?

As a rule of thumb, services or subscriptions (like cell contracts) are not eligible for price matching. That being said, most physical and digital products are matchable. There are certain exclusions, but those leave a pretty wide swath of eligible items. In fact, Best Buy will even price match Amazon products that are sold by an actual retailer. Although, some exceptions exist when it comes to matching Amazon prices on store brands like Insignia. They will price match almost any large retailer, as well as smaller local retailers as long as the product is readily available. If the seller you show them is out of stock, it is not eligible for price matching. Despite the few restrictions, Best Buy has a very generous policy on making sure they will not be beat on price. They will even match warehouse club pricing at places like Costco and Sam’s Club. In fact, they will honor prices that are below the cost they paid for the product!

What if they change their price?

In yet another impressive policy move by Best Buy, they will honor any price reductions that take place during your return/exchange period. This means that if your product is still eligible for return, and they do a promotion dropping it’s price by $30, you can go in and have them give you that same discount. They will credit you the difference as long as you go in and request it. Some may allow this over the phone or online, but it’s a much safer bet to go in and try face-to-face. This is a pretty unique policy, and we are thankful for it.

How do I do it?

The process is simple. When you are at the store, find the product you want and grab a Best Buy representative. Simply show them proof of the competitor’s price, and they will let you know if you can price match it. You can also bring it up at the cashier, but this will slow things down. It is more considerate to take care of it before people are stuck in line behind you. The ad or web listing has to be current and in-stock; Best Buy does reserve the right to contact the competitor to verify price and current availability. This may hinder your ability to price match insane blowout deals that sell out quickly, so be careful.