pickup groceries at ALDI's

Everybody is struggling to get everything they need during this coronavirus crisis. With grocery stores being overrun with panic shoppers, and anxiety about being in crowds, shopping for essentials can be difficult. While it is important to make sure you are stocked up on food and supplies, the store experience can put you at risk for disease and a massive headache. The good news about this is that grocery stores are adapting to meet your needs. ALDI, in particular, is joining forces with Instacart to offer online ordering and curbside pickup for customers who don’t want to enter the store. It is a very simple process, but here are the steps to order online and pickup groceries at ALDI’s stores.

Simple enough, just click the link above to get to the website!

Step 2: Pick out your groceries.

In the online store, pick out everything that you are going to need. Make sure to get all your bases covered. Food, cleaning supplies, pet care products; anything you would normally pickup at the grocery store is at your fingertips!

Step 3: Select time and place.

On the website, you will be given a list of times and ALDI locations for pickup. If your local store isn’t listed, it unfortunately isn’t a participating location, and you may need to go in-person. Make sure you double check! The time part is simple, they will need time to gather your products, so your pickup times are somewhat limited. Select when you want to pick them up and make sure you get there on time!

Step 4: Place the order.

Take one final passthrough of your cart, location, and pickup time to ensure you’ve got it all correct. Once you’re certain that everything is ready to roll, hit “Place Order” and get ready to grab your groceries!

Step 5: Pull your car up to the pickup spot.

To locate the designated pickup spot, look for a blue curbside space with a sign nearby. Read the signs and follow the instructions. Make sure you get there at a reasonable time, because they will not let your groceries sit for too long to avoid any issues with perishables.

Step 6: Grab and go!

Once you have followed the signage by your pickup spot, you can snag your products and get back home! No long lines in the store, no risk of infection, and minimal hassle. This is definitely the safe way to go, and it’s great that ALDI is offering such a convenient service. We hope you enjoy!