One of the many repair costs that home ownership entails is pest control. While not all pests would really fall under the “repair” category, carpenter bees can do real damage to your home. While renters should probably get in touch with the landlord to ensure the problem is dealt with permanently, homeowners may want to save some serious cash by trying a more… manual solution. This is where the WD-40 comes in. While it doesn’t seem like the tool you’d use for pest control, WD-40 can be pretty effective. Above all, it is cheap. So, how do you get rid of carpenter bees with WD-40?

Where to Buy WD-40

Honestly, you can get WD-40 everywhere. It is a lubricant solution that is sold in pretty much every hardware store, some grocery stores, and even many gas stations. It’s cheap and easy to find because t is extremely versatile. WD-40 can help with anything from quieting down a squeaky front door, to getting an old rusty skateboard moving again. In this case, it is taking on an even more unorthodox job. The compounds used to make it such a reliable and cheap lubricant also make it deadly to many pests. while it isn’t great looking if it drips on walls inside your home, the aesthetics of it don’t matter as much in the places carpenter bees tend to live.

How to Use It

Carpenter bees typically set up shop in “bee holes” under your fascia, deck, or inside any other wood structures. This usually entails a closed space that they can stay contained in, similar to the way honeybees hide in a hive. So, you will just grab your can of WD-40, and use the straw attachment to spray into the bee hole. Hold the spray down until you have gotten a good coat at every angle possible in the hole. While male carpenter bees can’t sting, females can. So, make sure you wear gloves and a long shirt or sweater in addition to protective eyewear. This will make sure you don’t get stung, and your skin and eyes are not exposed to too much WD-40.

While this may not be the most permanent solution, it is cheap and easy to repeat. So, saving on the hefty exterminator bills may be worth it if you’re willing to get your hands dirty yourself. With Carpenter bee removal costing anywhere from $75 to a few hundred dollars, it is worth giving it a try before calling on a professional.