When buying (or renting) a new home, a sneaky expense that isn’t often planned for is furnishing the place. More square-footage seems like a uncontested bonus, it also means that it will cost a little extra dough to fill your home.  New furniture isn’t cheap, and getting everything to go well together is a another task in itself. To make sure your new home doesn’t become more stressful than it is exciting, you’ll need a few tips. It isn’t impossible to furnish a home cheap, and but you’ll need to be smart to get what you need!

Buy Used

One of the best ways to get a great deal on furniture is to check places like OfferUp and Craigslist. While it may seem risky at first, there are ways to ensure you get a great deal without sacrificing quality:

  • Only buy things you can pick up locally and see in person before you pay
  • Take your time inspecting furniture
  • If the house smells bad, the furniture will too

Keeping those tips in mind, you can usually find great deals on some higher-end pieces through the secondhand market. The reason I put this one first is because you can probably find much higher quality for your money here than anywhere else. So, before you decide to settle on cheaper new options, see what you can land on these sites. Looking never hurts!


That’s right, Amazon has furniture– nice stuff, too. Just like anything else, Amazon has offerings all the way from the designer-level sets to cheaper entry-level pieces. This is a great way to buy new, because it combines cheap and attractive furniture with the Amazon return policy! If something doesn’t look quite right in person, you can send it back without worrying about a return being rejected. Amazon has a lot of great brands that sell through them, offering very attractive and sturdy pieces that don’t break the bank. So, after you see what you can grab used, Amazon is a great place to look for cheaper new options.

Renovate Older Pieces

Whether you have some older furniture laying around, or it is all you can find secondhand, a little paint and sandpaper can bring new life to dilapidated furniture. Not only does this allow you to select a custom color palette for your home, but it ensures that you will have paint and tools left over to keep that furniture looking nice. Most of the time, the older stuff you still have is more sturdy and resilient than new, cheaper offerings. So, you can get high-end quality without paying luxury prices by slapping a new coat of paint or finish on pieces you thought you wanted to throw away. Maximizing customization for minimal expense makes it much easier to furnish a home cheap.

This makes the used market even more viable, as you can take advantage of others who haven’t read this article! If they are looking to offload sturdy antiques on the low, then one saver’s trash can be another saver’s treasure!

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