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Amazon is always offering up new products and services. The company has started Amazon Launchpad, which features new releases by small brands, and you can filter through best-selling lists. What’s even better Is some listings come with coupons. The question is, how do you find and use Amazon Coupons? The choice to introduce coupons helps Amazon market itself as the “smartest choice” for shopping, entertainment, and many other needs. They are also adhering to the desires of more traditional shoppers.

Amazon Coupons are way better than most traditional cut-out-of-the-newspaper coupons though. The best part of Amazon Coupons is that you get new savings every day and the coupons are catered to your shopping patterns. For instance, if you shop on Amazon for cleaning supplies you will get coupons for cleaning supplies.

Finding Amazon Coupons

To find your coupons, you will need to sign in to your Amazon account. Click on “Today’s Deals” on the Amazon homepage. Then select “Coupons” in the top menu on the next page. Here is where you’ll find your coupons. You’ll want to be careful as to how you sort through them. Some coupons will take you directly to the product detail page when you hit “clip coupon.” Here you’ll choose whether to add it to your cart or “subscribe.” You can join Amazon deal groups on Facebook for specialized coupons as well.

Adding Coupons

Once you’ve found a coupon you’d like to use, simply click “clip coupon.” You’ll then be redirected to the product page where you can add the discounted item to your cart and then continue shopping. The discount will be applied at checkout. Please note that some items will require you to subscribe to the item to get a discount. This means that you will set up a quantity and frequency in which you want that item delivered. (This can come in handy if you buy cleaning supplies or other items in bulk on a regular basis.) You can also search for popular coupons and by the department.

It should be noted that some coupons are only available to Amazon Prime members. (See: Is Amazon Prime Worth It?) However, what other rules and restrictions apply to their coupons?

Can You Use Manufacturer’s Coupons on Amazon?

You will not be able to use a manufacturer’s coupon on Amazon. But, with all of the coupons available through the website, not too many shoppers are complaining.You can however stack coupons on Amazon (without using manufacturer’s coupons).

Stacking Coupons on Amazon

When you think about stacking coupons you think of store discounts and manufacturer’s coupons, right? Well, you can stack discounts on Amazon as well, and it can save you a lot of money.

Start planning your savings by mapping out what items are on sale. For example, if Amazon is running a sale of “20% off all baby items,” you can target those items. After finding your items,  look through the Amazon Coupons provided on the site. Find the item you’re looking for in the coupon section. Once you’ve found it, click “clip coupon.” This will bring you to the product page where you can add the item to your cart. Once you’ve done that, head to checkout. At checkout, your coupon will be taken off as well as the Amazon discount provided.

Other Coupons and Discounts

You don’t have to go looking for coupons to get great savings. As mentioned above, the site also gives regular discounts and coupon codes to its customers. Here are just a few more places you can find additional Amazon Coupons:

There is no doubt that Amazon is pushing to help its customers become smart shoppers and offers them the opportunity to save. For more information on Amazon and savings read more.

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