Counter Increasing Gas Prices With Rebates

Gas prices are ridiculously high right now. And the fact is that they climb high like this periodically. In other words, even though prices will eventually go down again, they’ll also inevitably rise again. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to save money on gas. For example, you can counter increasing gas prices with rebates. You’ll save money immediately, plus it’s a good tip to keep saving money as gas prices fluctuate over time.

Gas Prices Are Rising At Home and On the Road

There are two major areas of increasing gas prices. First, most people are stressed about the cost of fueling up their vehicle. Second, you might have noticed that your home gas bills are creeping higher and higher. The more you learn to work with rebates in general, the more you can offset both of those costs. If you don’t already use rebates regularly, this is a great habit to add to your life. Add it right now to reduce the pinch of paying more for gas today.

Use a Great Rebates Site Every Time You Shop Online

There are many different ways to get rebates. If you shop online regularly, then you should definitely use a great rebates site to shop. For example, check out Dollar Dig. You sign up with the site for free. Then you visit the site before you do any online shopping. Find the store you’d like to shop at, click through the link at Dollar Dig, and then just shop like normal. You’ll receive rebates for the shopping that you already do!! 

Once you’ve earned a minimum of $25, you’re allowed to cash out. Dollar Dig pays you through PayPal, check, Dwolla or an Amazon gift card. (Some fees might apply depending on the payment method you select.) And there you go. You haven’t changed anything about your spending at all and yet now you’re earning cash back. That’s how you can counter increasing gas prices with rebates right now.

How to Maximize Your Rebate Money

There are two good ways to make sure you’re really setting yourself up for success. Either way works, so it just depends on what makes the most sense for you.

In option one, you immediately take the payment and use it to fill up your gas tank. When you do this, you really see the rewards of using rebates for reducing gas costs. Similarly, you could instead immediately take your rewards and put them towards the payment for your home gas bill.

In option two, you pay for your gas with a rewards credit card. You get cash back or more gas for your money with the right card. Then, you use your rebates to pay off the credit card. The trick here is to make sure that you pay the credit card in full every month so you don’t accrue fees. If you can do that, then this is financially the better option. 

Get a Gas Credit Card

Speaking of those credit cards, if you don’t already have a gas credit card, then you might want to look into getting one. Credit card companies know that gas prices have gone up. Therefore, they’re interested in offering you good gas cards so that you can take advantage of their deals. Used correctly, that’s a win-win.

There are many different types of gas credit cards. For example, you can get a card that you use only at specific gas stations. Alternatively, you can look for a card that allows you you earn no matter which gas station you use. There are gas credit cards that give you points that you can use for more gas in the future. Alternatively, some gas credit cards are cash back credit cards. Find the card that works best for you to boost how much you offset those high gas prices with savings.

Tips for Choosing a Gas Credit Card

  • Choose one gas credit card and use it for gas as often as you can. 
  • Find a card that doesn’t have annual fees or other excessive fees.
  • Decide if you want a cash back card or a gas card / gas points system.
  • Get the card that gives you the most cash/points back for spending specifically on gas.
  • Make sure you understand all of the terms and benefits of the card. Take advantage of all benefits.
  • As always, make sure that you pay your bill off in full on time every month.

Many of us already have credit cards that offer rotating cash back rewards. Sometimes you’re assigned rotating categories. Sometimes you choose the categories that you want to maximize. And other times, you automatically get the most back in the categories where you spend the most. Review your current cards to see if they would work as gas cards by offering the highest percentage back in the fuel category.

Government May Counter Increasing Gas Prices With Rebates

Above you’ve learned the things that you can do to use rebates and rewards to offset gas prices. However, the government might also help us out. Many states, especially California, are considering forms of legislation that will give residents rebates. They recognize that gas prices are at an all time high and are working on solutions.

In California, for example, Governor Newsom has proposed that residents receive $400 debit cards per car up to two cars. Moreover, the proposal would also give funds to public transit, allowing them to pass on the savings in the form of free rides on buses and trains. If the proposal goes through, then people would receive the rebates regardless of income, immigration status, etc.

California consistently has the highest gas prices in the nation. However, about one quarter of US states are currently considering similar ideas. Moreover, democrats at the federal level have proposed the Gas Rebate Act of 2022. If that passes, then drivers across the nation would receive a $100 per month rebate throughout the rest of 2022 if gas prices stay above $4 per gallon as the national average.

So, the government might offer rebates. However, in the meantime, there’s a lot you can do to offset those costs yourself.

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