Front and back of a 1998 U.S. quarter dollar coin.

If you’re asking how many quarters in $10 dollars, the answer is 40.  There are 4 quarters in a dollar.  So, if you have 10 dollars, that means you have 40 quarters.  It is simple if you do the math. 

Here is how the arithmetic works out:

1 dollar = 4 quarters.

You just do the multiplication, 1 dollar = 4 quarters, times 10, gives you 40, or:

1 dollar = 4 quarters.
2 dollars = 8 quarters.
3 dollars = 12 quarters.

8 dollars = 32 quarters.
9 dollars = 36 quarters
10 dollars = 40 quarters.

 There you have it. How many quarters are in $10 dollars?  It’s 40. 

Some Fun Facts About The Quarter

Incidentally, if you want some more facts about the quarter, did you know that:

Current US quarters are known as the “Washington Quarter” because they bear the likeness of George Washington, the first President of the United States.  

Between the 1932 to 1964 the US Mint made quarters out of 90% silver.  Pre 1964 silver quarters are worth about $3.74 in todays money.

Each U.S. quarter weighs 5.7 grams.

Quarters have a diameter of .955 inches.

Quarters have a thickness of 1.75 millimeters.

Currently minted U.S. quarters are made out of an outer layer of nickle with an inner core of copper. 

Quarter are made out of 8.3% copper, with the remainder being nickel.

U.S. quarters have indentations milled into their sides known as “reeds”.  Reeding helps prevent counterfeiting and makes coins easier to identify by touch and sight.

Sources: US Mint and Wikipedia.

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