I will admit it: I’m a bit of a clothing snob.

For me, fashion is fun. And while I love a deal, I recently re-strategized my wardrobe. A few years ago, I looked in my closet and found I had a ton of stuff – and most of it, I didn’t really even like. I bought anything and everything if it was on super sale. Most of this stuff was low-quality and not even my style.

After I paid off my student loan debt, I made it a priority to revamp my wardrobe. Personally, I find I am most confident when I am dressed in clothing that fits well and I truly love. Plus, as I grew into more professional roles, I wanted my wardrobe to match. But while I was okay spending more for designer items that I truly loved, I certainly didn’t want to blow my entire budget on clothing. Here is how I find designer clothes for less.


Shop Consignment

My biggest secret to finding affordable designer clothing: shop consignment.

There are a ton of ways you can shop consignment! You can peruse local vintage or consignment shops, where you are sure to find some amazing finds. Or, if you are an online shopper like me, you can score designer threads on consignment sites like The RealReal and Poshmark.

Before you pull the trigger, make sure you understand what you’re buying to make sure it’s worth the cost. If you purchase an item online, the condition of the item should be fully disclosed, and you can always ask for additional photos if you are uncertain about the quality.


Get Cashback on Designer Clothes

Utilizing cashback is another amazing way to find designer clothes for less, especially if you combine it with all of these other tips.

One of my favorite cashback sites is Rakuten, which is a browser extension you can add to your favorite internet browser for free. While most of the cashback opportunities are available for online browsing, there are still some you can utilize in-store. The cashback amount varies, but you can expect to receive anywhere from 1 to 20 percent cashback.

The best thing about Rakuten is it will show you cashback opportunities as you browse shops online. If a company participates in Rakuten’s rebate program, you’ll automatically be notified. Within a day or two of your purchase, your cashback will be added to your Rakuten account.

The beauty of cashback is when you combine it with other offers. For instance, say you found a designer dress on consignment. The dress is usually $500, but since it’s consignment, you found it for $100. You also have a 5 percent cashback offer, so your $500 designer dress is now only $95. That’s a total win!


Save in Advance!

Last, but certainly not least, is to save in advance for a designer splurge. Designer items are nice, but they aren’t cheap, no matter how good of a deal finder you are. You never want to go into credit card debt over clothing. Always save in advance and pay cash for a designer item. Plus, it’s so much more meaningful to work hard to save for a splurge!