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Many aspiring homeowners overlook certain financial aspects of purchasing a house. While they typically take a deep dive into home prices, property value trends, and mortgage interest rates, it isn’t uncommon to forget to check property tax rates. Since property taxes can significantly alter how much you owe when paying a mortgage – as well as the entire time you own the house – it’s a critical part of the equation. If you’re wondering where the lowest property taxes in Kansas are, here’s what you need to know.

What Are the Lowest Property Taxes in Kansas?

When it comes to property tax rates, Kansas comes in a bit on the higher side, generally charging more than the national average. The state uses a mill levy system, which differs from how most other states calculate property taxes. With a mill levy, property owners pay $1 for every $1,000 in taxable assessed value. That means, if your assessed value is $50,000 (after any exemptions) and there is a 25 mill tax, you’d pay $1,250 in property taxes.

As with most states, property tax rates do vary from one county to the next. As a result, you can potentially save a bundle by choosing an area with a lower average effective lower tax rate.

In the case of Kansas, Coffey County has the lowest effective tax rate, coming in at 1.12 percent. The next lowest is Grant County, which has an effective tax rate of 1.16 percent. In third is Ellis County, with 1.21 percent.

While property tax rates in Kansas are higher, home values are lower than average, potentially offsetting the impact of higher rates. For instance, Burlington – which is in Coffey County – has an average home value of just $111,341. That’s almost one-third of the national average, which comes in at $325,677.

What’s In Coffey County, Kansas?

Overall, Coffey County is a rural area with a total population of just 8,360 people. Burlington is the city with the largest population in the county. Along with the small-town charm, you can find a few attractions in the city and surrounding area. There’s a 100-year-old jail, the Coffey County Historical Museum, the Dunnel House, and the Miller House, all of which shine a light on the region’s history.

Plus, there are plenty of community parks in the county. That creates some great opportunities for spending time outdoors. Fishing and hunting opportunities also abound in the area. Just make sure you get the proper licenses before you take part in any hunting or fishing activities.

The Highest Property Taxes in Kansas

When it comes to the highest property taxes in Kansas, the effective tax rate in a few counties stands out from the crowd. At the top end is Smith County, coming in at 2.11 percent. After that, you’ll find Stanton County, which has an effective tax rate of 2.09 percent. Woodson County – with a rate of 2.07 percent – rounds out the top three.

Do you think finding the place with the lowest property taxes in Kansas is important when you’re buying a home, or are you focused on other priorities? Did you even bother to check property taxes before making your last home purchase, or did you overlook this cost during the process? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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