Personal finance forums can provide you with a wealth of information. Many of them have highly engaged communities filled with individuals who are happy to share their experiences and knowledge. Plus, many people are asking the same questions you have, and that lets you know that you aren’t alone. If you are wondering which ones are worth exploring, here are five of the best personal finance forums around.

1. myFICO Forums

In the myFICO Forums, you can find a slew of information about credit reports and scores, which is something you’d expect. But there’s also much more. There are forums focused on how money impacts relationships, news and events that alter the landscape, types of credit accounts, and much more.

Overall, the community at myFICO is incredibly active. Plus, there’s plenty of information already available. There’s a decent chance that someone has already asked the question you have on your mind, so you can just search through the forums to find the answers you need.

2. YNAB Forums

The support forum at You Need A Budget (YNAB) is a great place to learn more about personal finance. The community is incredibly helpful, focusing on working together to help each other navigate the complexities people often encounter.

Plus, if you’re looking for a place to vent about your money woes, the community is there to support you. They understand that challenges come with the territory, so they don’t begrudge the occasional gripe as long as the rest of your post tries to be constructive.

3. Reddit – Personal Finance

At r/personalfinance, nearly anything goes as long as it’s related to the topic. You’ll find everything from resource-oriented posts that help people gain access to critical information, organizations, or support to vents that let someone get an experience off their chest.

By and large, the community aims to be helpful. Plus, people from all walks of life take part, giving you access to a range of perspectives.

4. Mr. Money Mustache Forums

A massive community that happily discusses anything personal finance-related, the Mr. Money Mustache Forums are a great option. Their tax section is particularly beneficial, filled with information that can help you learn more about complex topics and make smarter choices.

5. Saving Advice Forums

If you’re looking for personal finance tips, want questions answered, or want to share your experiences with the masses, the Saving Advice Forums are a great place to do it. You’ll find tons of posts on popular topics, including credit cards, mortgages, home buying, and windfalls. Plus, the community is incredibly active and supportive, making it a great choice for asking about nearly anything.

A Note About Using Personal Finance Forums

Before you hop onto any forum and start taking part in the discussions, spend some time reading the rules. Every site has codes of conduct, requirements, and banned activities, all of which you should learn about before actively participating. That way, when you do start to post, you’re going about it properly, allowing you to become an asset to the community and not a source of frustration. Plus, you won’t accidentally get yourself banned, ensuring you get to remain part of the forum long-term.


Do you use any of the forums above? Are there other personal finance forums that you’ve found to be valuable? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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