5G Stocks for 2022

As companies move to improve the digital landscape, efforts to make 5G connectivity the norm continue forward. Since infrastructure improvements, device development, and similar activities can lead to significant gains for companies operating in the broader niche, it creates opportunities for investors. That means anyone can potentially benefit from the advancement of 5G. If you want to get into the sector, here are six 5G stocks for 2022 to check out.

Six 5G stocks for 2022

  1. Nokia

Since shifting away from the mobile device world, Nokia has become an innovator in the 5G landscape. Along with new tech advancements, the company is generally moving in a positive financial direction. That’s spurred recent stock price increases, all while maintaining room for additional growth.

  1. Alphabet

The parent company behind Google is making significant strides in the 5G landscape, particularly when it comes to cloud infrastructure services. Plus, along with investing in 5G startups, the company has more projects in development. As edge computing and the metaverse rise, there’s likely room for additional growth, too.

  1. American Tower

If you’re interested in the real estate side of 5G development – such as the need for cell sites and towers – you may want to consider American Tower. It’s an REIT focused on tech-related real estate, specifically when it comes to mobile network and internet infrastructure development and expansion.

  1. Nvidia

A chip manufacturer and tech-device giant, Nvidia plays a big role in the 5G device space, albeit often indirectly. Still, the company has seen ample growth over recent years. With continuing interest in 5G and its dominance in the GPU market, that could make it a wise addition to certain portfolios.

  1. Verizon

On the mobile carrier side of the equation, Verizon is working on expanding its 5G network and is getting involved in the metaverse. Through 5G augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) supported by a robust network, Verizon hopes to expand the digital worlds of the masses. Plus, its 5G Ultra Wideband is looking to alter the home internet landscape, too.

  1. Digital Realty Trust

Another REIT, Digital Realty concentrates on data centers. Since 5G will lead to more data development and consumption, the need for ample storage and computing space will inevitably increase. That puts Digital Realty in a reasonably strong position, making it worth considering if you want to couple an REIT while investing in 5G-related opportunities.

Choosing the Right 5G Stocks for Your Portfolio

While the six 5G stocks above have ample potential, that doesn’t make them a great fit for every portfolio. You’ll want to consider your investment priorities, risk tolerance, portfolio composition, and similar factors to determine what works best for you. That way, you can maintain a balanced and strategic approach, increasing the odds that you’ll see solid gains while mitigating risk.

Do you have any of these 5G stocks in your portfolio? Why or why not? Are there other 5G stocks for 2022 you think people should consider? If so, which ones? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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