Social media platforms are popular for a slew of reasons. They create opportunities to connect with family and friends, and can provide users with a wealth of entertainment options. Plus, by embracing the right approach, it’s possible to use social media to save money. If you want to know how social media can help you keep your budget in check, here’s five ways to use social media to save money.

1. Follow Your Favorite Brands and Retailers

Many companies share information about sales on their social media platforms. At times, they even distribute coupons, including some discounts that are exclusive to social media users.

By following your favorite brands and retailers, you can stay informed about money-saving opportunities. Whether it’s a discount code, a special event, or anything else, you’ll be one of the first to find out.

Just make sure that the deals don’t cause you to buy something you wouldn’t have otherwise. A sale doesn’t mean you saved money if you purchased an item you didn’t need and would typically skip; that means it cost you instead.

2. Follow Thrifty Thought Leaders

Social media accounts run by thrift thought leaders can be an excellent resource. Often, they share tips based on ways they’ve been able to save, allowing you to benefit from their experience.

If you aren’t aware of any thrifty thought leaders, start by looking for popular savvy shopping and coupon bloggers. That can often be an ideal way to get going, ensuring you discover some accounts that can help you keep more money in your pocket fairly quickly.

3. Join Second-Hand Selling Groups

Many social media platforms support the creation of groups. In some cases, people gather based on their physical location, creating a way to sell second-hand items to individuals nearby.

Facebook’s Marketplace is a prime example of a sort of virtual garage sale. It can give you access to a variety of intriguing items at prices well below retail. However, it certainly isn’t the only option available, so feel free to explore what pops up in your area and see if what you can find.

4. Learn About DIY

A popular social media category is DIY. Whether it’s handling home repairs, updating furniture, or upcycling items you would usually throw out, there’s someone talking about it online.

By following DIY-related accounts, you can learn how to maintain your home for less. You might also discover some low-cost decorating options, or how you can flip old items to earn cash on the side.

5. Snag Freebies

Many social media accounts actually give away stuff for free on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s large brands handing out samples. On occasion, it’s a blogger that finished a product review, and they want to reward a lucky reader with a free product while also driving traffic to their site or profile.

Precisely what’s available and when varies. However, you may be able to find out about opportunities by searching for hashtags like #freebie or #sweepstakes.

Ultimately, social media can save you money, but only if you use it properly. By following the tips above, you can snag discounts, learn about deals and DIY, and more, ensuring your time online offers you more than entertainment, but some chances to save, as well.

Do you know of any other ways that people can use social media to save money? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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