Does Costco do oil change? It seems like a reasonable question. After all, they offer auto maintenance, and oil changes are one of the most common types of auto maintenance required by every vehicle. And yet, there seems to be a lot of confusion about whether or not Costco will change your oil.

Why Oil Change is Important

We all know that we need to change the oil in our car regularly. But why? The short answer is that it keeps everything operating efficiently. Allowing your car to run on filthy oil makes it work harder. This wastes gas and stresses your vehicle.

How Often Must You Change Your Car Oil?

That said, many people waste money changing their car’s oil too frequently. The old thinking was that every car should have an oil change every 3000 miles. These days, though, most modern cars can go between 5000 and 10000 miles before an oil change.

Yes, you want to change your oil regularly. But no, you don’t have to change it every 3000 miles. Strike a balance and save yourself some money without doing damage to your car. Research what your own car needs; most likely an oil change every 7500 miles will be just fine.

Oil Changes at the Dealership

If you have purchased a car at a dealership, then you might just go directly to them for all car repairs and maintenance. In some cases, the dealership’s warranty makes this the best option. Often, however, getting basic service at the dealership costs you more money than it should.

Instead, you should consider other options. That’s why a lot of savvy shoppers want to know, “Does Costco do oil change?” After all, the store is known for its affordability.

So, Does Costco do oil change?

No. Costco does not do oil change.

Although Costco does have an automotive repair and maintenance center, the store’s services are extremely limited. They primarily offer services for tires through their stores that have a Tire Center.

What About With the Costco Auto Program?

You might be aware that this company offers the Costco Auto Program. Through this program, Costco has partnered with participating service providers to offer a discount to Costco members. You can use this program to save 15% off of parts, labor and accessories for your vehicle. You can save up to $500 per visit with this deal.

Unfortunately, though, oil changes are not included in the Costco Auto Program. Incidentally, it also doesn’t cover tires or air bags. So, while this program might be a great way to save money on other car maintenance and repairs, it’s not going to help you reduce the cost of your oil change.

Why Doesn’t Costco Do Oil Change?

While the reason that Costco does not do oil changes is speculative, Costco’s business model is designed around providing bulk goods, not highly personalized services. While they do have the Costco Tire Centers as an option, the service has generally received mixed reviews. This is a company that knows what their strengths and weaknesses are and perhaps that’s why they don’t offer oil change services. It’s simply not their strength.

So, Where Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

Costco won’t give you an oil change. You’ll need to come up with alternatives. We’ve already ruled out the dealership as a less than ideal option due to cost. That said, the dealerships does tend to have the most up-to-date equipment for brand new vehicles, so if you can get a good price at your dealership then it’s worth a try.

Another common option is to get your oil change at a commercial business specializing in this service. Firestone, Pep Boys and Jiffy Lube are businesses which operate in this market. The advantage of a commercial oil change business is they are typically cheaper than dealerships. Plus, they work specifically in this niche. If all that your car needs is an oil change, they can be a good choice. Moreover, Costco does sometimes have deals on gift cards for Jiffy Lube and other commercial businesses, so you can save money on an oil change with Costco even though they don’t provide the service themselves.

Find a trustworthy mechanic. It’s worth it to invest time to find a mechanic that you like and trust. You car will inevitably need repairs, in addition to the basic maintenance such as the oil change. Find one in your area that is affordable and does good work.

Change the oil yourself. Buy the oil that you need at a discount from Walmart, Amazon, or any other number of sources. In fact, even though Costco doesn’t do oil change, they do sell oil, so you might get it there. If you don’t know how to change your own oil, visit YouTube or ask for help from a friend with this knowledge. Doing your own car repairs can go a long way towards reducing the cost of car ownership. It’s worth it to learn at least the basics.

How to Save Money on Oil Changes

Buying oil at a discount and doing the oil change yourself is a great way to save money. However, it’s not the only option. Here are some additional tips:

  • Look for coupons and other deals. As aforementioned, Costco even sometimes has discounted gift cards for oil changes at places like Jiffy Lube. Check for other deals in your area any time that you need to get an oil change.
  • Ask your mechanic and / or dealership if they’ll match low prices. Sometimes they will and it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Skip the upsell. Your auto mechanic is likely to suggest other things that you need every time that you get an oil change. However, if you don’t need an air filter, yet, don’t get one. Know what your car needs, and how often it needs it, and do just that but no more.
  • Bring your own oil to the mechanic. Did you know that you don’t have to buy your oil at the mechanic even if they do the job? You can usually bring your own and simply pay for labor. Therefore, get the discounted oil at a place like Costco then bring it with you to the auto shop.

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