Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter

Last time we had you walk through the house to close off any air conditioner vents in rooms you don’t use. This is to reduce the amount of work that your air conditioner will need to do. Today we’ll continue with that theme to make sure that your air conditioner filter is clean.

Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter

To keep your air conditioner running at its optimum, you should clean or replace its filter each month. A dirty filter restricts airflow and forces your air conditioner to work harder. This results in higher electricity usage.

If your air conditioner currently has a foam filter, you’ll want to replace it with a plastic mesh type. Foam filters don’t do a very good job of trapping particles. These filters can still send dirt into the airstream. In addition, they need to be replaced each month — adding up costs.

If possible, you’ll want to replace your worn-out or dirty filter with a plastic electrostatic mesh filter. You can get a filter kit at your local hardware store for under $10. These permanent filters can be cleaned by washing them with a garden hose. Meaning that you don’t have to buy a new filter every month.

All you need to do today is take a look at the filter. If it’s dirty and needs replacing, buy a new permanent filter. Mark a specific date each month to check and clean it.

While the savings will depend on how much you use your air conditioner, a new filter will more than pay for itself in reduced energy costs and not having to buy a replacement filter each month.