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The Unglamorous Ways We Save Money 

Inflation is hitting many families hard. As a result, once again, I’m seeing feature news stories on extreme couponing, which I haven’t seen since the last economic downturn. While there are many ways to save money that the media loves to tout, such as couponing,…


10 Strategies to Fight Inflation 

Thanks to the pandemic, bottlenecks in supply chains, and the current war in Ukraine, inflation is soaring. Last month, our family surpassed our budget. Luckily, we had extra income to cover the overages, but I don’t plan to have another month like that. I can’t…


Ways I Save On Gas 

Gas prices are ridiculous. If you’re like most people around the world and drive a car, this is problematic. The Ukraine Russia conflict has drastically increased oil and petroleum prices for countries that import oil. We are severely affected here. I’ve seen gas prices jump…


7 Places to Get Free Pumpkins 

Halloween is just about here. Therefore, you probably want pumpkins. Maybe you want to make jack-o-lanterns. Perhaps you just want to do some last minute seasonal decorating. On the other hand, perhaps you have a hankering for pumpkin soup. Whatever the case may be, you…

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