Save on Caffeine Pills Over Regular Coffee

What costs more: caffeine pills or coffee? In other words, if you just want the caffeine fix, can you save on caffeine pills over regular coffee or is buying coffee the cheaper route?

Are Caffeine Pills Safe?

Before we get into the cost, let’s talk about caffeine pills vs. coffee in terms of safety. I, personally, had a bad experience with caffeine pills. I was in my late teens, taking way too many of them, and drinking both soda and coffee on top of that. So, I was overdosing on caffeine. And it was awful.

That said, if you take caffeine pills in moderation, they are usually safe. WebMD reports that most adults can safely consume 4oo mg of caffeine daily. They equate this to approximately 4 cups of coffee or 3 caffeine pills. Note, of course, that caffeine amounts vary in both coffee and pill form.

Also, remember that caffeine does have side effects. Trouble sleeping, getting the shakes, dizziness, and mood changes are a few examples. They can happen from pills or coffee. And if you have other mental or physical health issues, then you might be more sensitive to caffeine. So, put briefs, caffeine pills are typically safe in moderation, but they do have side effects, and they might not be right for you.

Is Caffeine Different in Pill vs Coffee Form?

Caffeine is caffeine. According to CoffeeSesh, it doesn’t matter whether you get it from a pill or a cup of java. In terms of the caffeine itself, and the positive and negative effects it can have on you, the two are the same.

That said, the experience is different. Personally, I like the ritual of my morning coffee as much as the caffeine, if not more. I love the taste, the smell, the warmth. It’s a part of my daily routine. Popping a pill instead would take away some of the joy for me.

However, as CoffeeSesh also points out, some people don’t enjoy drinking coffee. You might not like the taste. Or you might find that it gives you acid reflux or IBS. You might neutralize some of the effects by adding cream and sugar, but then you have other effects from those ingredients. If that’s true for you, then you might prefer to take caffeine pills rather than drinking coffee.

Can You Save on Caffeine Pills Over Regular Coffee?

If the experience is the same either way for you, then your decision about pills vs. coffee might just come down to cost. I confess that I immediately assumed it was cheaper to buy coffee to make at home than to buy over-the-counter caffeine pills. However, I hadn’t bought caffeine pills in a long time, so I did some research. And I was intrigued to discover that you can save on caffeine pills over regular coffee.

The Cord provides a good breakdown that on average looks something like this:

  • Cost of caffeine from lattes bought at a cafe: 3.33 cents per mg of caffeine
  • Cost of caffeine from brewed coffee bought at a cafe: 0.61 cents per mg of caffeine
  • Caffeine cost from coffee brewed at home: 0.30 cents per mg of caffeine
  • Caffeine cost from over-the-counter pills: 0.03 cents per mg of caffeine

Therefore, the cost of pills is one tenth the cost of brewed coffee at home, which is significantly less than buying cups of coffee out.

There are additional factors to take into consideration. If you buy premium brand coffee, then it might be even more expensive than this average. Plus, you have to consider the initial costs of purchasing the coffee maker, as well as the ongoing costs of buying coffee filters or coffee pods.

Of course, the cost of caffeine pills varies as well. Many might indeed be costlier than this average. Nevertheless, it seems that caffeine pills are the cheaper option.

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