I’ve written often about the four paths to wealth:

  1. Saver/Investor Path
  2. Big Company Climber Path
  3. Virtuoso Path
  4. Dreamer/Entrepreneur Path

The Dreamer/Entrepreneur Path is the hardest of the four paths to wealth. It also happens to be the fastest and most rewarding path, financially and emotionally. In my Rich Habits Study, it took the Dreamer/Entrepreneurs in my study just twelve years to accumulate an average of $7.4 million in wealth.

But there’s a catch. Those who succeed pursuing the Dreamer/Entrepreneur Path must stick with that path in order for Opportunity Luck to visit them. In my research, I found that the persistent eventually get lucky and that luck is Opportunity Luck.

Opportunity Luck is a unique type of good luck because it is manufactured. You manufacture Opportunity Luck by doing things which create the opportunity for good luck to occur.

One of those things that creates Opportunity Luck is persistently pursuing a dream.

The pursuit of a dream requires the creation of goals. Goals must have two things:

  1. Physical Activity and
  2. 100% Achievability

Dreams unleash passion which motivates you to take action. If you have the requisite skills and knowledge to take that action, the goals become 100% achievable.

The objective of every goal is to produce some desired outcome. Sometimes, however, those outcomes exceed your expectations or create unexpected outcomes that benefit your life in some way. Exceeded expectations and unexpected good outcomes are typically referred to as good luck.

This is Opportunity Luck – luck you create by persistently pursuing the goals behind your dreams.

Opportunity Luck likes dreamers. And it reveals itself only to dreamers who take action on their dreams.

When you are the beneficiary of Opportunity Luck, your life improves in some way. Very often, this benefit is in the form of wealth or money, particularly if your dream is something that can be monetized.

Mark Zuckerberg was the beneficiary of Opportunity Luck. So too was Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

They all took action on their dreams, and they got lucky.

Opportunity Luck does not visit those sitting on the couch watching TV. It doesn’t visit those reading Harry Potter (unless you are J.K. Rowling). It doesn’t visit those who are too afraid to pursue their dreams and, thus, the goals behind their dreams.

Opportunity Luck only visits those who take action on their dreams and never quit on their dreams. It is one of the great secrets to success, that only a few are privy to.

Let luck find you. Pursue a dream today. Stop thinking about it and do it.

For every dreamer, hard work, disappointment, obstacles and problems are your bedfellows, but so too is Opportunity Luck. And when Opportunity Luck finds you, everything about your life changes, for the better.

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Tom Corley

Tom Corley is an accountant, financial planner, public speaker and author of the books “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals” and “RichKids: How to Raise Our Children to Be Happy and Successful in Life“.  Corley’s work has appeared on CNN, USA Today, The Huffington Post, SUCCESS Magazine, and many other media outlets and podcasts in the U.S. and 27 other countries. Tom is a frequent contributor to Business Insider and CNBC.