When holidays come around, everybody struggles over what to buy. Family members and friends want to get you a great gift, but sometimes they miss the mark. When that happens, it is always good to know the return policy at the location they bought it. Barnes and Noble offers more than just books. Many people purchase decorations, toys, and other memorabilia there to give as gifts. With so many different ways to go, maybe your gift-giver didn’t quite nail your taste. If that is the case, here is everything you need to know about the Barnes and Noble Holiday return policy.

The Usual Policy

Before looking at the holiday alterations on it, let’s go over the typical return policy of B&N. First off, anything bought in-store can be returned within 30 days. This qualifies for any physical items including, but not limited to, books, toys, shirts, and board games. Anything that is bought and carried out is eligible. In addition, anything bought on its website, or from its “other seller” list, can also be returned within the same timeframe with proof of purchase. Pretty much the only things that can’t are digital items, as they are too easy to reproduce. These cannot be returned at all and are yours forever.

Holiday Changes

Every holiday is different, and Barnes and Noble does not have any set-in-stone holiday policies. They do, however, have a gift policy. As long as you have a gift receipt, you get an extra 30 days added on to the regular return timeframe. This means that you can return gifts with said receipt up to 60 days after the initial purchase. This helps make up for the time it took the gift to actually make it into your hands. Again, though, this does not apply to digital products. If somebody buys you an e-book, you’re sort of stuck with it (sorry!).

Most of the time, Barnes and Noble will have special holiday policy changes that they create on the fly. Make sure you check out its website to see if they have anything to help you in your situation. With that said, I hope this information helps you pick something you’re going to love. Enjoy!