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Like a lot of extreme savers, I am incredibly frugal. Therefore, I find myself constantly looking for the best deals and ways to cut costs to keep more money in my pocket. And I found a good one for cell phone savings through Gen Mobile. They offer super good quality phone service for as low as $9 per month. If you are curious, then check out the Gen Mobile review below.

Summary of Gen Mobile Review

I personally haven’t had the best experience with small cell phone operators, Therefore, I was definitely prepared for the worst when I began my Gen Mobile Review. However, Gen Mobile pleasantly surprised me.

That said, this post is a full-on scorecard for the service, from delivery all the way to usage capabilities. Other necessary functions, such as tracking your phone, can be found in the app or web services. If you lose your phone, find it using callmyphone from your computer. With that said, here is a little bit of background on America’s phone plan costs.

America’s Cell Phone Plan Costs

America as a whole spends far too much on its monthly phone plans. For example, if we look at this data from CNBC, we see that American’s pay about $125 a month for their phone bill:

Source: Bill pay service, via CNBC.


Note that the information above is from 2019. However, things haven’t changed much. Some sources say that the average cell phone bill now is a little bit higher, at $144. Others say it’s gone down a little bit to $114. Either way, we pay over $100 per month for our phone service. Is that reasonable? Gen Mobile doesn’t think so.

What is Gen Mobile?

Somewhat new to the market and making its debut in the summer of 2018, Gen Mobile was founded by Robert Yap – a veteran in the wireless phone industry.  The business is smaller than others. However, it is also family run, which has its appeal. Gen Mobile is part of a class of telecommunications businesses called Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

MVNOs do not own their own wireless networks, but instead rent space from one of the major US carriers. There are more than 100 different MVNOs in the United States. By and large, MVNOs have better customer service than other cell phone service providers. Moreover, since they do not have infrastructure costs, they can offer lower prices to consumers. Gen Mobile is no exception. Their service piggybacks on Sprint’s network and their minimum plans cost $9 per month. Yes, just $9 per month.

Actually, Gen Mobile offers several different kinds of plans. Its pricing starts as low as $9 and spans up to $30 per month. International calling plans start at just $13 per month. You’ll find phone plans as well as data plans.

Where Is Gen Mobile?

Here is Gen Mobile’s coverage map.  As you can see, they have a presence in most of the United States. They’re also in many other countries.

gen mobile review coverage map

Gen Mobile Review: Fun Facts

  • You can keep your number the same when switching from another provider to Gen Mobile.
  • You can buy a preowned phone from Gen Mobile, which is another great cost savings feature. Alternatively, you can bring your phone with you.
  • Each plan comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee, nationwide 5G or 4G LTE service data, no annual contract, nationwide coverage, and unlimited global texting.
  • Gen Mobile has a user-friendly app that helps you manage your account (track usage, make payments, etc.)
  • If you miss your monthly bill payment, Gen Mobile grants you a 15-day grace period during which you are still allowed to text before shutting off your service.

Gen Mobile Review: Phone Plans

As part of my Gen Mobile review, we look at the actual phone plans Gen Mobile offers. There are two versions you can sign up for. First up is the one-month phone plan – think about this as a month-to-month plan. This may be good for those who don’t know what their future plans will look like.

They also offer a three-month phone plan option. As you can see in the pictures below, these plans are a bit cheaper than just the one month plan.  They are generally less expensive than signing up for one month of service.

One Month Phone Plans:

gen mobile review phone plans

Three Month Phone Plans: 

gen mobile review phone plans

Gen Mobile Overview: Positives and Negatives

Gen Mobile’s positives greatly outweigh it’s negatives. Let’s lay out all the facts:


Here are the best things about Gen Mobile:

  • Versatile: They offer different plans for different kinds of people. As you saw above, you have a one-month or three-month plan with no contracts to get you stuck in. All of the plans offer different calling minutes, data, and texting abilities.
  • Affordability: It is obviously far cheaper than the average phone plan. As discussed above, the average person spends between $114 and $144 on a phone plan per month. So, even if you purchase the most expensive Gen Mobile plan at $30 a month, you are saving about $100 a month, which is $1,200 a year!! Talk about cost savings.
  • Hotspot: Gen Mobile offers free tethering. This means you can enable your phone to be a hotspot. This is great for all my fellow travelers out there, trying to get your work done with inconsistent wifi.
  • Pre-Owned phones: Maybe you no longer like the phone you have or you need a phone. Gen Mobile offers you the option of buying preowned phones, which cost a fraction of the price of regular phones that most service providers offer.
  • Pair with phone number: No more “new phone, who dis?” By allowing you to pair with your pre-existing number, your contacts will stay intact and you don’t have to worry about asking the question at the start of every new number conversation.
  • Customer service: Gen Mobile is dedicated to having great customer service. It offers three different ways to reach customers and is available for a large portion of the day.
  • 100 countries: This unlimited calling to 100 countries is a game-changer for expatriates. Seriously. Many phone plans charge you over 50 cents a minute for international phone calls. This is definitely something to take advantage of.
  • No credit checks. If you are still trying to get your credit score back up to where it once was, or you’ve never had a credit card before, then this service will not discriminate against you!

Gen Mobile Negatives: 

  • Data: Truthfully, this is the only real negative I can find. If you surpass your monthly data amount, then you have to buy more. If you’re a heavy texter, then this could be problematic for you. However, they offer plans up to 6 GB of data per month. If you exceed that, then you have to contact customer service to add on which costs $5 per 500MB.

My Personal Experience: 

As part of this Gen Mobile review, I reviewed one of their phones. My Gen Mobile package arrived very quickly. It took just a couple of days passed by between shipping it from them to my doorstep.

When it arrived, after I took the bubble wrapping off, the package looked something like this:


Then, upon opening, I saw my phone and instructions – with specific phone plans and how to get started. It was super easy, by the way. All I had to do was charge the phone and then dial 611 (or you can dial in from a separate phone, if easier) and hook up my phone.


I really liked that it provided a little reminder. It is small enough to keep on your fridge so you can always look back at it if needed.


So, after setting up the phone, I was ready to put it to the test.  During the weekend I did this review I headed to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for the weekend. The idea was to see how good their service is outside of a highly populated area – the mountains were perfect for this purpose.

I had service the whole time. There were no problems with calling, texting or using social media. These were all hugely important to me as I run a part-time business through my phone. Therefore, I had to make sure I was always available.

Gen Mobile really did pleasantly surprise me with how great the service was. I have tried other random MVNOs that were just bunk. They were nothing that they said they were – making you pay extra for every little thing. Gen Mobile delivered what they said that they would.

In doing this Gen Mobile review I found them to be very transparent. They offer what they say. Yes, there are additional things that you can purchase with your plan. However, they are not mandatory. If you want to tailor your plan very specifically to your needs, though, then you can.

Gen Mobile Review Wrap Up: Its Good, Get it!

For anyone in the market of a new phone service provider, I would definitely recommend Gen Mobile. Heck, even for those who don’t even need a new phone provider, I would still recommend it. Gen Mobile costs about one sixth the price of a regular phone plan, you get a tailored plan and excellent customer service. Learn how you can save $600 a year with Gen Mobile.

Check their promotions page for current offers.

Have you ever used Gen Mobile? If so, what was your experience like? Let us know in the comments!

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