Frugal Tips to Keep a Fragrant Home

No one wants to be hit with a bad odor as soon as they walk through the front door. But between cooking and pet related odors, it can be hard and expensive to get your home smelling as fresh as a daisy. Large candles can cost $35 or more and may need to be replaced frequently if you burn them every day. Essential oils can run you $10 to $20 for a small bottle. But luckily there are more cost effective ways to make your home smell great. Here are seven frugal tips to help you keep a fragrant home. 

Frugal Tips to Keep a Fragrant Home 

Boil Orange Peels 

Orange peels are a great way to make your home smell heavenly on a budget. Simply throw the orange peel from your afternoon snack into a pot with enough water to cover it. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for 20 minutes to lightly scent your entire home. You can even throw a cinnamon stick into the pot to make your kitchen smell like fall. 

Deodorize Carpets and Couches 

If you have a large family or pets, your carpets and couches can really take a beating. To keep them smelling fresh, you’ll need to give them a little extra TLC. Cleaning experts recommend sprinkling a thin layer of baking soda over couches, carpets, and other upholstered items to deodorize them. Let the baking soda sit on your furniture or rug for at least 20 minutes and then vacuum it up. 

Freshen Things Up With Dryer Sheets 

Dryer sheets are an inexpensive way to deodorize smelly items throughout your home. Place one in a stinky pair of shoes, in the bottom of your trash can, or anywhere else that needs a little freshening up. You can even place them in your closet or dresser drawers to make your clothes smell like they just came out of the dryer. 

Decorate With Plants 

Did you know that plants can improve indoor air quality? Houseplants like jasmine and eucalyptus can help purify the air in your home and remove pollutants. They also have a light, gentle fragrance that will keep your home smelling fresh and clean. 

Absorb Bad Odors 

Instead of trying to cover up bad scents with chemical air fresheners, absorb them by using natural odor eliminators. Baking soda, coffee, and white vinegar are all great at removing unpleasant smells if you leave them uncovered in a bowl. Put them in problem areas like the bathroom and mudroom to freshen things up on the cheap. 

Bake Vanilla Extract

Want your home to smell like you just baked cookies from scratch? Put two capfuls of vanilla extract (pure or imitation) into an oven safe container and and bake it at 300 degrees for one hour. In just a few minutes your entire house will smell like sugary sweetness!

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make your home smell amazing. Boiling some leftover orange peels or putting a spare dryer sheet in your sock drawer is all you need to do to keep your home clean and fresh. 

What are your best frugal tips for making a house smell wonderful? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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