Do you consider yourself frugal? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret – I’m a personal finance writer, but I’m not exactly frugal. I like to buy relatively nice things, such as clothing, furniture, and more. But even as a spender, there are 5 tings I don’t ever spend money on.


1) Dryer Sheets

Dyer sheets are a complete pain! There is nothing worse than finding them stuck to your clean clothes. And, for something you simply throwaway after use, they are kind of a waste of money.

Instead of dryer sheets, I utilize these reusable dryer balls. Not only are they reusable, but they are natural. Plus, they actually dry your clothes more quickly, so you can save money on energy usage!

I could go on and on about the benefits of using dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. You just can’t beat the cost savings, plus they are easy to find in your laundry load versus dryer sheets.


2) Cooking Spray

Before I found an alternative to cooking spray, I felt like we were constantly buying more. I hated purchasing expensive cooking spray, plus it was super wasteful and bad for the environment! However, I liked the ease of use of a spray.

After reading some awesome reviews on Amazon, I bought this reusable oil sprayer. It’s super easy to use! All you have to do is fill it with your favorite type of oil, and the canister will disperse it as a spray.


3) Late Fees

Late fees are obviously a good expense to avoid! With late fees, you’re being charged simply because you forgot to pay something on time. They are easily avoidable if you put all of your bills on autopay.

Whether you choose to utilize autopay or manually track when your bills are due, avoiding late fees is a super easy way to save money.


4) Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are pricey, and are full of harmful chemicals. Not to mention, there are so many cleaning products on the market, resulting in a cluttered home!

Instead of buying cleaning products, I’ve found that a simple solution of white vinegar and water cleans nearly everything. For just a few cents, I can have enough cleaner to last a year. And if I’m cleaning something, like a bathtub, I’ll just throw in some baking soda and give it a good scrub. No need for harsh chemicals!


5) Manicures

I love having my nails done, but I never go to the salon. I don’t like to spend the time or money to go somewhere to get my nails done, when I could do it myself for a fraction of the cost. Instead, I bought a cheap at-home manicure kit to do my own nails at home.

After a little practice, it isn’t hard to be able to paint your own nails. And you don’t even need a fancy manicure set to get started. A decent nail file, drugstore nail polish, and a high-quality top coat can work wonders!

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