Decluttering is very on trend. So is its cousin, organization. From Marie Kondo to The Home Edit, people are obsessed with shows that reflect the extremes of these trends. But perhaps those extremes turn you off. It feels too hard to do it right, so you don’t decluttering at all. Well, here’s some incentive: money. Here are five key reasons why decluttering saves money:

1. You Might Need Less Space

The more things that you get rid of, the less space that you need to store them. If you pay for off-site storage, then perhaps you can eliminate that cost. Or, clearing space in your home, you might be able to rent out a room or a parking spot. The less space you need for your things, the more money you save.

2. You Won’t Buy Things You Don’t Need

There are three ways why decluttering saves you money in this category:

  • You won’t buy duplicates of things. You’ll know what you have and know where to find it.
  • As you declutter, you’ll begin to appreciate the stuff that you do have. You won’t feel the impulse to go out and buy more.
  • You can declutter (or re-gift) some of your things to others. Therefore, you can save money on gifts for people this year.

3. You Might Find Money

Some people actually find cash or checks when they declutter. Even if you don’t find any of the proverbial change in the couch cushions, you might find opportunities to make money. There are probably a lot of items in your home that you can sell. Declutter them and put that money into savings.

Also, remember that you can get a tax write-off when you donate items to charity. That’s another reason why decluttering saves money.

4. It Improves The Quality of Your Home

Decluttering makes your home healthier. The less stuff that you have, the less dust that you have. You’re less likely to have mold and other toxins in the home as well. It’s easier to keep the home clean when there isn’t so much clutter taking up the space. The cleaner the house, the healthier its inhabitants. The healthier you are, the less you spend on medical costs. That’s why decluttering saves money: by promoting cleanliness and health.

Moreover, the home itself is also healthier. If you have too much stuff in a home, the foundation can literally sag under the weight of it. Even in less extreme conditions, your heating and cooling systems might be working harder than they have to if they air flow has to navigate around a bunch of stuff. By opening up the space, you free the house to breathe. This helps you maintain the value of your home. This keeps maintenance fees down and improves home value for a future sale.

5. Decluttering is a Mentality

When you focus on decluttering the home, you do more than just clean the space. You alter your mind. You begin to think differently.

After eliminating and organizing physical clutter, you may feel encouraged to start thinking about financial clutter. As a result, you might cancel unnecessary subscriptions, reduce your spending budget, or eliminate some of your debt. You might organize your bills so that you get better at on-time payments and thus don’t incur late fees.

You’ll be surprised at how much decluttering spills over into the rest of your life. Perhaps you might begin to uncluttered some bad eating habits, leading to better nutrition, improved health, and lower lifetime health care costs. Maybe you will reduce the noise in your life and stop spending money on entertainment because you are content with quite spaciousness.

What are some of the reasons why decluttering saves money for you?

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