Best Side Hustles in Iowa

Even though the cost of living in Iowa is lower than the rest of most of the country, you may still need extra money. With the rising price of food and other commodities thanks to inflation, money is tight for most Americans. If you’re looking for extra work, we have the best side hustles in Iowa.

5 of the Best Side Hustles in Iowa

Whether you want to work for a company or prefer self-employment, you can’t go wrong with these jobs.

Yard Maintenance

One excellent way to make extra money is to maintain people’s yards.

Snow Plowing and Shoveling

Iowa gets more than a foot of snow a year. Southern Iowa typically gets 18 to 22 inches a year, and Northern Iowa gets up to 40 inches of snow yearly. If you add in the winds that cause blowing and drifting, you can see that having a small company to plow driveways and shovel sidewalks can net you a nice income.

Lawn Maintenance

On the flip side, in the summer, you could maintain lawns. Iowa gets roughly three feet of rain a year, which helps the grass grow, and your income, too, if you have a job cutting people’s lawns.

Iowa Events Center

If you live near Des Moines and prefer to get a side hustle with a company rather than being self-employed, look no further than the Iowa Events Center. This stadium, which seats 17,000 people, is a hub of events for Iowans. Upcoming events include a girl’s state basketball championship, a Harlem Globetrotter’s performance, ice hockey games, and an Elton John performance.

Because the stadium is so large and requires many employees, the Iowa Events Center is constantly hiring. Current part-time job listings include electrician, engineer, parking attendant, phone operator, and more.

Sports-Related Side Hustles

Sports are popular in Iowa. Iowans watch more sports on television than residents of 40 other states (KHAK)! You can bet those same people like supporting local school teams, which allows you to rake in some dough based on the popularity of sports.


Best Side Hustles in Iowa

All the sports leagues and school sports teams need referees. The best way to get started as a referee is to talk to other referees. Whether you need to get certified and other requirements you must meet vary depending on the sport and the level you would like to referee.

To give you an idea, according to Dunk or Three, high school basketball referees around the country make between $31 and $67 per game. High school football referees make even more—they can earn up to $200 per game!


While not as common as referees, sports teams need people to fill their mascot costumes. You may be able to work as a mascot at a large high school or one of the Iowa universities. Iowa doesn’t have any professional sports teams, but they do have several minor league teams who need mascots.


Our last sports job suggestion is to be a coach. Coaches in Iowa must meet four requirements, including 55 hours of training. According to Indeed, a head coach in Iowa nets $17.04 an hour, which is lower than much of the rest of the United States. However, the cost of living in Iowa is also lower than in many other states.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to ease a strained budget or you’d just like to get ahead financially, you can’t go wrong with these best side hustles in Iowa.

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