People sometimes ask how I got into personal finance. The simple answer is by reading. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about money as a young adult. It wasn’t until I graduated college and found myself struggling to pay off my student loan debt that i decided to pick up my first personal finance book. Since then, I’ve been hooked! Here are 5 of my favorite personal finance books.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad is unique for it’s conceptual descriptions. If you’re interested in wealth building versus simply earning more money, then this is the book for you.

Kiyosaki describes growing up with his father (the Poor Dad) and his friend’s father who was a business owner and mentor (the Rich Dad). In his book, he compares the thinking of his Poor Dad versus his Rich Dad and the lessons he has learned from both.

What I like the most about this book is the story behind it. It’s not a book that spews advice and facts to you. It’s concepts are very simple, but they are effective, and it’s an enjoyable read.


Although he can be controversial, there’s no doubting Dave Ramsey knows his stuff when it comes to money. Total Money Makeover was one of the first books I read when I was paying off debt, and I used most of his tactics to pay off my student loans.

If you’re struggling financially and aren’t sure where to start, this is a great book. Ramsey’s “baby-steps” map out the exact next step to take. His snowball method for paying off debt has helped thousands of people become debt-free. Defi8nitely worth the read!


Looking to make more money? Or, start a business in your spare time? Then read Hustle Away Debt by David Carlson.

Carlson, who runs the popular personal finance site Young Adult Money, has been a side-hustler for years. In his book, he talks about how to leverage a side hustle along with your day-job to pay off debt.

Personally, I was inspired by the site Young Adult Money to start my freelance writing side hustle in order to pay off debt. Eventually, I actually started writing for Young Adult Money as part of my side hustle! Without Carlson’s site and book, I wouldn’t have been able to pay off my student loans as soon as I did!


Most people think about the math behind the money, but what about the psychology? The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel discusses the behaviors associated with personal finance.

If you understand the basics of money, but are interested in why we spend the way we do, then this is a must-read for your list. It’s fascinating to understand the behaviors behind our relationship with money.


Jen Sincero has a few books in this series, but You are a Badass at Making Money is one of my favorites. If you are looking to increase your income but aren’t sure you can, Sincero’s book is for you. It’s an easy and fun read, and Sincero is genuine and approachable. If you doubt your ability to make more money, then give this book a chance!